Quick Fix Hair-spiration

13 Jun

We get it, it’s hot. As summer rolls in you don’t want big and complicated styles to imitate. You want something simple and easy to style.

At Dream Girl we believe we can help you to look your glam and gorgeous best. So if you’ve got your long luscious locks and you’re struggling for ideas for what to do with them, here are some suggestions.



Add a simple twist

You love having long and beautiful hair. Hair extensions give you a little added volume as well as length which is great for those of us with fine hair. Yet you don’t want to wear your hair down throughout the summer. It gets hot and sweaty!

A simple and easy to style up-do is the twist. Just gather hair at the nape of your neck like you’re going to style a pony. Then begin to twist until you get to the ends. Tuck then underneath the twist and pin in place.

What’s great about this style is that if you wear your hair like this in the day, uncurl it in the evening and you’ll have easy summer waves.

Change your parting

Switching your parting from one side to another, or from middle to side, will make your face look different. Seriously, it will. It’s also an easy way to adopt a preppy style to go with your pretty top and shorts. Just because it’s hot, it doesn’t mean you should ignore your style urges.



Add a braided hairband

The braid is a great summer look, but how to weave it into your everyday style? Wear it as a headband. You can either do this with your own locks, or if they’re not quite long enough use a ponytail extension, clip it at the nape of the neck and plait to wear across your crown.

Slick it down

The slicked back look isn’t for the faint hearted but it does have an edgy style. Use gel and comb it through your hair. Wear hair long down the back but with slicked roots you’ll look like you’re straight off the catwalk.

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