How to recreate Kim’s voluminous hairdo

27 Jun

Kim Kardashian has gone from reality star to style icon. This week she was snapped at a photoshoot in New York with big mega-volumized hair. Matched with retro style makeup it was a fabulous and glamorous style that’s perfect for a night out.

In fact, the style isn’t that hard to recreate. With a few easy tricks you to and go for a sixties high volume vibe.

Dream Girl hair extensions add both length and volume so if you have fine hair, or hair that is short or medium length, you may need to add a few extra inches to make it easier to get mega hair. With over 80 shades to choose from you can find a shade that perfectly compliments your own hair colour, ensuring it will blend in naturally.

The next step is to tease those locks. You can use mousse when hair is damp to add lift to the roots but teasing is the only sure fire way to add root lift. Backcomb in sections. Clip up the top half of the hair and work from the nape of the neck to the crown. Take one inch sections and backcomb from tip to root. Do it gently as you don’t want to just create a bird’s nest!

For super high volume use a hair piece that clips over the crown. Match to your natural hair colour and this can easily add lots of lift and sits underneath you own hair, just below the crown.

When you get to the crown stop. You want to leave around an inch of hair around the fringe line all the way around. Style this hair as you would normally to achieve a super sleek and glossy finish. Use this front section to cover the back-combed volume underneath. This gives you the benefit of high volume but ensures hair still looks volumized.

Tease the ends with a little serum and apply gently to the roots where there are any stray strands.

For retro makeup ensure foundation finish is matte. Use a white highlighter on the brows and a silver eyeshadow across the lids. A black kohl pencil will give your eyes extra oomph so line right from the centre on both top and bottom. Use a liquid liner to emphasise the upper lash. Draw a cat lick flick up at the edge. Not sure how, here’s an easy guide. Next add lashings of mascara.

And there you have it, a super glam, super retro style that’s worthy of Ms Kardashian herself.

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