Three holiday hairstyles

4 Jul

If you’re jetting off on holiday we know you’ll face a conundrum. You’ll look at all the gizmos and gadgets you use to style your hair everyday and think, “I can’t fit them into my suitcase”.

Packing is all about compromise. Yet Dream Girl also knows you still want to look your best while you’re on holiday. So how to balance the two out?

It’s all about making sure your beauty routine is as low maintenance as possible. If you have hair extensions, making your hair longer and fuller, you know you can’t leave your hair for a full week. But you also don’t have to wash it and restyle it everyday.

Here are three hairstyles, giving you three days of styling without having to wash, dry and style.

Start first with natural beach waves. 

Fashion shot of beautiful blonde woman on the beach in HawaiiYou don’t want to look too “done” on holiday and this is a simple summer style that oozes laid-back living. Wash your hair and dry your fringe as normal. To achieve the waves instead of using tongs just plait your hair simply and dry it. Either leave it to dry naturally or use a blow dryer on a cool setting.

Once hair is almost dry let it loose and use a mousse or fixing spray and scrunch hair all over.

Next is the braided hairband.

buzzleFor day two the body of your hair will still be perfect and might even look better than it did the day before.

However many of us may often find that the front part of the hair, the fringe and bits that touch the face, might get greasier quicker.

The simple way to sort this is to pin hair back. A braided hairstyle is a cool and on trend way to do this. Start the brain using an inch section of hair just in front your left ear. Braid until your reach the tips. Fix hair across the head just like a hairband and clip in place with grips.

Finally it’s the top knot.

For the third day it’s the last day before you wash and hair might be getting a bit tired. A top knot will keep hair away from your face but still looks cool and stylish.

Use dry shampoo or hairspray to control any wayward strands. Take a third of the hair from the front and the crown and fix into a bun on the upper crown. Turn the ends underneath the bun and fix in place with a grip. With the remaining hair divide it into two. Take one half and twist underneath the bun and around it. Secure in place with grips. Then take the second section and twist that around the bun as well. Pin in place.

Spray to smooth and ensure hair is neat and tidy.

And you’re ready to go. Three easy-peasy holiday styles to take you through your break without the daily wash and style routine.

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