10 ways to protect your hair in summer

25 Jul

bWe all know the damage heat can cause to your hair. But we often equate the risk with hairdryers and straighteners rather than thinking about the sun. Even those of us who lather on sunblock everyday can forget that the same UV rays can damage our hair.

In the height of summer we can often find hair is dry and brittle. It can get frizzier thanks to the humidity and because it needs some moisturiser. When you wear hair extensions made using 100% human hair this can be especially frustrating because the damage to your hair extensions can shorten their lifespan.

So to make your hair extensions last longer and to keep hair shiny, healthy and full of life through the whole of the summer follow Dream Girl’s advice.

1. Use a serum or texturing spray on damp hair to protect it and add shape

Instead of using styling products when hair is dry using them while wet will help lock moisture into the hair, preventing it from getting dry. Ends need particular attention as dry hair can lead to split ends which can only be trimmed instead of repaired.

2. Use braids to achieve curls

Curling tongs can damage already dry hair and simply make hair brittle and split. Instead if you want to create curls or nurture waves use braids. Begin with damp hair and use tight braids for curls and bigger plaits for waves. Allow hair to dry naturally or overnight and once you undo the plaits you hair will be glossy and wavy.

3. Use a stay-in conditioner at the end of the day

Many of us only use a conditioner in the morning when we wash our hair. But in the summer your hair might need a double dose. Comb through a sty-in conditioner before you go to bed to add moisture to hair that’s been in the sunshine through the day.

4. When it’s sunny cover your hair

The same advice for your skin follows to your hair. In super strong sunlight the only sure fire way to protect your hair from damaging UV rays is to wear a hat or a scarf. Your scalp can burn just as easily so you might need to add a little sunscreen to your parting. If you don’t want to wear a hat comb through some leave-in conditioner through your hair and wear it slicked back.

5. Spend extra time wearing hair masks and treatments

Your hair needs a little extra help in the heat so spend an extra hour or so wearing a hair mask or using a special moisturising treatment to restore and rejuvenate your locks during the week.

6. Don’t over-shampoo

Shampoo is like soap on your skin; use too much of it and it strips away the nutrients and proteins your hair needs to keep it looking shiny. You only need a pea-sized amount, even on long hair. And don’t skip conditioner in the summer. Your ends really need it.

7. Drink plenty of water

Of course the easiest way to hydrate your hair is the way you hydrate your body. Drink plenty of water when it’s hot. When you start to feel thirsty and have a dry throat it’s because you’re dehydrated and not taking in enough fluids.

8. Regular trims keep hair healthy

Even the most committed hair lover can get split ends and will find the ends of hair getting dry. The simplest way to keep hair healthy through the summer is to go for regular trims. Every two to three months is all you need, even on longer hair, to keep it glossy and healthy.

9. If you’re going swimming, cover up

Chlorine is so damaging for hair and it’s impossible to replenish locks damaged by chemicals. If hair has been chemically treated, as hair extensions have been, then invest in a swimming cap to protect locks while you go for a swim in the pool.

10. Comb gently

While you’re wearing your hair masks, brushing through leave-in conditioner and looking after your hair every day, go gently. Wild brushing and tugging will stretch hair and cause it to break and split. Instead buy a wide toothed comb. Start at the ends and work up to the roots gently.

Remember you can stay in touch with Dream Girl on Facebook and Twitter through the week for hairstyle tips and ideas.

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