How long is your beauty routine?

1 Aug


This week, supermodel Miranda Kerr spilled her beauty secrets. She revealed it takes her just 15 minutes to get ready in the morning.

Here at Dream Girl we know that people are time poor. But we also know that 15 minutes isn’t really that much time.

So how far does Miranda Kerr’s super speedy routine work, and what should we adopt?

Dream Girl rates it….

Waking up

Miranda says she drinks a glass of warm water with the juice of half a lemon each morning. Keeping yourself hydrated is important; it doesn’t just benefit your insides keeping your gut healthy but your outsides too. Hair is shinier and healthier when it’s hydrated and skin is clearer and brighter.

Dream Girl rating – Win! This is a definite that you should add to your own routine

Pre shower

Daily body brushing is part of Miranda’s pre-shower routine and she brushes her body from top to toe. There is a benefit to daily body brushing. It helps rid you of dead skin cells and is said to help lymphatic drainage as well as detoxification. How true that is, though, is up to you. We do know that body brushing keeps your skin smoother though.

Dream Girl rating – Win! Soft skin has to be a plus and brushing your skin is better for you than exfoliation which can rob your skin of valuable nutrients. However don’t be too worried if you miss a daily brush.

Mist and moisturise

Once she gets out of the shower, Miranda says she towel dries before misting her face. She applies body lotion and then a day and night cream to her face, neck and décolletage. She uses a hydrating daily moisturiser packed with natural ingredients and oil.

Dream Girl rating – Win! What you use on your skin and hair is incredibly important. If you have hair extensions you should use a gentle shampoo and conditioner that won’t strip the chemically treated locks. Without this they will be duller and less shiny plus they’ll have a shorter life. Your skin is the same. It’s always a balance between cleansing hair and skin while not stripping it of the natural oils it needs to protect it and look healthy. While we’re not convinced by mist daily moisturisation for both hair and skin is vital.

On hair

Miranda washes her hair in the evening so that it dries overnight and all she does in the morning is style it. She prefers elegant and polished simple up-dos like a low braid or high topknot.

Dream Girl rating – For hair health it’s a Win! For practicality it’s a No! Not using heat and allowing hair to dry naturally is much better for it than using a hair dryer and resorting to daily styling. When you wear hair extensions heat can damage and add stress to the hair causing both frizz and split. So washing the hair in the evening and letting it dry is good.

However how practical is this? Hands up anyone who’s gone to bed with wet hair and it’s dried normally for the next day? It doesn’t. You get bumps, weird bed-head and a wet pillow. So yes, it’s a great idea but perhaps not for us!


With just a little foundation Miranda says she just applies a little mascara, grooms her eyebrows and lip balm. She uses a little red if she wants to make an impact on her lips.

Dream Girl rating – Win! Less is definitely more when it comes to makeup. Emphasise your natural beauty and frame your features with just a little colour.

Ok, so we’re not all blessed with Miranda Kerr’s bone structure but a hair and beauty routine is about making ourselves look fresh, beautiful and it’s good that we’re all different.

On the whole we think Miranda Kerr’s fast and speedy routine hits all the right bases. Prevention is definitely better than cure and staying hydrated is the best way to keep hair and skin healthy. Moisturising from head to toe keeps you healthy and prevents damage. We’ll be adopting her less is more approach to beauty and reducing the time we spend styling our hair daily. Looking great just got a little easier!

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