Easy-peasy work hairstyles

8 Aug

Maybe it’s the sunshine, or perhaps it’s because we can see people enjoying their summer holidays, but it’s tough dragging yourself out to work in the summer.

First thing in the morning it feels like it takes all your energy just to drink a cup of coffee, rather than decide how to wear your hair!

But fear not. Dream Girl has compiled a list of our favourite easy-peasy everyday work hairstyles. They’re ideal for straight, curly, long and medium length hair. Whether you wear hair extensions, or you wear clip-in hair extensions to give you a little extra length and thickness, these are styles that look great but are easy to recreate.



1. Wraparound pony

A ponytail is such an easy to style to do, even first thing in the morning. Add a little height at the crown by backcombing. for those with medium length hair who need some extra length use one of Dream Girl’s ponytail extensions. All you do is clip it onto your natural hair it does all the work. for an extra added style take a small section of hair underneath the pony. plait it and twist it around the root of the ponytail and secure with a pin.

2. The hair bow

This is such a cute hairstyle. It’s simple but highly effective as it keeps hair off your face and looks way more difficult than it actually is. Style your hair as normal and shake loose. Take around an inch sections from your temples and pull them back behind your head. Cross them and then tie in a bow and pull tightly. Secure the bow with pins hiding them underneath the bow itself. Easy!

3. An over-the-shoulder ponytail

The thing about having long hair which is great is that you can wear it over one should and it looks awesome! Start with the hair on the left hand side of your head just behind your ear. Twist it around almost like a braid until your reach the other side of your head just below your other ear. secure with a bobble in a ponytail and let hair drape over your shoulder.



4. The fishtail bun

Tie your hair up into a high ponytail on the crown of your head. Take the ponytail and braid it into a fish tail plait. Then simply wrap the braid around the base of the ponytail. Secure it with pins. Takes less than five minutes!

5. The Quiff Pompadour

It sounds like a cocktail but it’s actually an easy and fancy half-up-do. You need plenty of volume that’s evenly spaced across the top of the head, rather than peaked at the front. Start by drawing a line across your head with your forefingers at your temples and keep going until your fingers meet at the back of your head. Clip this section of hair up. Come the underneath section and let it hang loose. Take the upper section and begin backcombing. Start at the crown and work across to the fringe and the front. First, pin the top section, leaving a few inches at the front. Then take the front section, pin and push forward slightly. Pin and use hairspray to fasten.


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