Why everyone hates growing out their hair

15 Aug

bThat awkward in-between stage. It isn’t good, is it?

When you’ve decided you want longer hair, or that fringe you cut just isn’t cutting it you want the new style right away. It might be the length or it could be that you have layers that are growing out. No one likes that layered mullet you get when a shorter style is growing but the hair at the back is growing faster than the hair at the front! Alas hair takes a while to grow so maybe you should just be patient.

Or maybe not.

You only need two inches of hair to be able to wear hair extensions. Some wear them simply because they like having super long locks, or because their hair is fine and they want a little added volume. Others are looking to hide their style that’s growing out.

Plenty of celebrities turn to hair extensions when they’re waiting for a shorter style to grow out and they want a change, fast. It’s a foolproof way of allowing your hair to transition into a new style. The truth is we can feel a bit down and self-conscious when we don’t like our hairstyle. We can find it tricky to style our hair and it’s especially frustrating when hair is too short to tie back. You can feel like you’re just stuck in one style day in and day out.

At Dream Girl our idea is to offer as much choice as we can; every woman is different after all. Hair extensions come in different lengths from 12 inches to 18 inches so even if you’re looking for a mid-length to long style you can choose it. With over 80 shades on offer you can find one that closely matches your natural shade. This means the hair extensions will blend seamlessly into your own hair.

It couldn’t be easier. If you opt for 100% human hair, like that in Euro Weft or Remi Silky you can select the shade and the length from Dream Girl’s online store. You can weave in your self or see a stylist. The extensions provide you with added length and you can ask your stylist to trim the extensions for you and style to suit you.

If you are growing out a fringe – yeah, pulling on the hair doesn’t make it grow any faster – then once you can sweep it to the side you can use clip-on hair extensions to mask the fringe growth and add thickness around the temples. It isn’t foolproof but it’s a good trick to hide the fringe as it gets to that awkward length. You can’t pin it back all the time. Dream Girl’s clip-on hair extensions

Hair does grow back. Of course it does. But you don’t have to live with a style you don’t like. If you’re at that awkward stage of growing out why not explore Dream Girl’s shop and see if hair extension are right for you. You can even opt for clip-on hair extensions that can offer you a new style in minutes and you can wear them for a night out or just when you fancy a change.

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