5 hairstyles for autumn

29 Aug

There’s nothing we love more at Dream Girl than a changing season. It means we can delve into some of the newest hairstyles and see how we need to update our style.

So as summer begins to fade and autumn begins to creep up on us don’t be sad. Instead check out our tips for how to wear your hair this season.

  1. A long lob
Kim Kardashian, Elle

Kim Kardashian, Elle

This is a mid-length style that looks as though it’s shorter than it is. It’s the perfect way to refresh your hair if it’s long, but not too long. We love how Kim Kardashian wears it. Hair is layered in chunky waves that frame the face and look feminine and pretty. It’s easily achieved by twisting hair into one inch sections and pinning in place. You want the waves to be quite thick so sections can be the larger the better. Add a little spray and leave for at least half an hour. Ideal for day and night.

  1. Easy autumn waves

In summer we called them Mermaid waves but a beach style look sounds strange in autumn. Hair is tousled and natural looking and it’s a great way of adding texture to long hair. If you wear hair extensions you’ll know they give you added volume as well as length and that’s key to this look. Add mousse or texture spray to the roots to really maximise that volume at the roots. Part hair in a middle parting and again twist hair into small sections and pin to create waves.

Once you’ve left hair for a while unclip and gently comb with your fingers. Use hairspray to scrunch and add more texture to the curls.

  1. A slicked back look
Iggy Azalea, Elle

Iggy Azalea, Elle

Designers have loved this style for a few seasons but it hasn’t really made the jump into the mainstream yet. This could well be the season it happens. It’s an edgy look that was shown beautifully by Iggy Azalea at the VMAs. Fresh skin, neutral makeup and this slicked back look is the simplest way to look like you’ve made a huge fashion statement with very little effort. This could be the ideal mid-week look of autumn when you just want to roll out of bed and head straight to the office.

  1. Centre part it

Every season partings shift a little to the left or the right. This season it’s all about the centre parting. Amazing for those with awesome bone structure, for the rest of us it can risk your face looking a little drawn. Counteract that by making sure you’ve got plenty of lift and volume at the roots. This will help keep hair soft and light instead of flat. Add a little texture either in waves or with a little scrunching which will add even more volume. Having said that if you have gorgeous high cheekbones then wear hair straight, sleek and centre part it and look fabulous.

  1. Big voluminous up-dos

One of the big trends that’s expected to hit the high street this autumn is mod. Inspired by 60s style expect minis and peacock coats to fill the stores. Now that you’ve mastered your cat flick eyeliner this is the perfect time to show off your skill. The trend doesn’t stop there. It’s being felt in hairstyles with plenty of back coming and teasing. If you’re wearing a French twist – this season’s top bun – then backcomb at the crown to get added lift. Hair doesn’t need to look too done so don’t aim for every strand to be in the perfect place.

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