Runway ready DIY hairstyles

5 Sep

New York Fashion Week is almost upon us. It’s a chance for the great and the good of the fashion industry descend on one of the industry’s capitals. The styles on show won’t be for this autumn, although undoubtedly they’ll influence us. Instead this is Spring/Summer 2015.

We’ll post a round-up of the key hairstyles in next week’s blog.

In the meantime though we think it might be a good idea to all feel like we’re on our own personal runway for the next week. Here is Dream Girl’s guide for the simplest runway hairstyles that will make your long locks look ready for fashion…

Harper's Bazaar

Harper’s Bazaar

The Topknot

A great style that helps to keep your long locks out of the way while looking bang on trend is a perennial favourite. The topknot is ideal on second day hair. There are a few different ways to achieve it. Either start with a high ponytail and then twist the pony around the bobble, pinning in place. Alternatively gather hair high on the crown, hold up the length straight into the air and twist. As you twist hair will gradually coil into a bun. Pin in place. You’ll need hairspray and the fringe can either be up or down.

If hair isn’t quite long enough to achieve a topknot then don’t worry, you can wear a Dream Girl ponytail hair extension to provide you with added length.

A chunky French braid

Rachel Zoe’s models wore these romantic and effortlessly stylish french braids on the runway this spring. You need uber long locks for these so if you haven’t already got extensions you’ll need them. Start with hair in a middle parting and run through a little wax to make it textured. To create a braid you start with a section of hair just below the crown. Divide into three segments and slowly plait your way down taking strands from the sides to flesh out and fatten the three segments as you go.

The stylist here has created two different segments when they’ve started. The top segment they have plaited and then woven into the braid as they create it. It gives this awesome texture and incredible shape.

Keep going until you reach the tips and fasten. You’ll need to pin different sections as braids can fall south after a while if they’re not tight – and it’s better if you style a braid slightly loosely.

Take out a few strands to give that wispy, feminine finish.


Braided headband

What do you mean this isn’t your go-to hairstyle when you need a lift? The braided hairband is simply one of the hottest styles around and the fact it was a fixture on the runway in spring means we can still feel model-ready when we wear it.

Start the plait behind one ear. Plaint neatly and then simply twist the plait across your hairline. Pin in place.

Allow a few strands to wisp and fall out as this is a style that looks better the longer you wear it.

Happy styling!

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