Rita Ora’s “origami” style

19 Sep
Rex Features

Rex Features

You know how it is, you dress and style yourself depending on your mood. It’s the truth; we go for a wavy, relaxed hairstyle when we’re feeling feminine and floaty; we’ll opt for a no nonsense up-do when we mean business.

So what about when you want to make a huge impact?

Well, maybe go for Rita Ora’s ‘origami’ hair. This is the ultimate top knot and it was spotted on the singer at London Fashion Week.

Check out all the people taking pictures in the background. This is a hairstyle designed to make a maximum stir.

So how to recreate it? The faux fringe here it cut really short. Chances are if you don’t want to commit to that you can wear a wig or a hairpiece to cover your own hair. Ask your stylist to fit it for you and trim the fringe how you want it. Dream Girl’s Chic Collection comes in a range of shades included blonde, dark brunettes, browns and combos.

You can also style the fringe as part of the hairstyle itself, but it takes a little work. It’s what Rita’s stylist has done so follow our steps to recreate it for yourself.

Preparation is key in this style. You’ll need wax and hairspray to comb and style your hair so it’s straight and manageable. If your hair isn’t quite long enough then use a Dream Girl Ponytail Extension that clips or ties over your natural hair and adds length.

Comb hair into a very high ponytail right on the crown of the head. Ensure there are not strands left and that hair is tied quite tightly in place. Secure with a transparent bobble. Use hairspray to smooth down hair.

Next turn to the ponytail. Comb and use hairspray to stiffen slightly and comb again. Fold the ponytail in half front ways. The length of hair should fall over the front of your head, like a fringe.

Check hair in the mirror. Ensure the “bun” is a uniform shape and there’s a good gap in the centre.

Tie with a bobble around the base of the bun to fix in place. Spray the “bun” with more hairspray.

Now you can work the fringe. The ponytail ends are sitting on your forehead. You need to smooth the edges down so it looks like a natural fringe. Using , yes more hairspray, fix hair in place and comb it flat. You might need to trim a few ends to ensure there aren’t huge differences between strands.

And you’re ready to go. Rita goes for heavy lined eyes and a very dark berry lip to finish the high-impact look.

All you need now is to master the attitude to go with it!

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