Change your hair in five minutes

26 Sep
Our hair crush Blake Lively,

Our hair crush Blake Lively,

You are not the only person who wakes up and is disappointed they haven’t turned into Blake Lively overnight.

If we’re talking hair crushes, Blake Lively is our number one, our holy grail. Texture, shape, length, healthy shine, glossiness; we admit it, we covet her hair.

But at Dream Girl we’re not ones for feeling bad about ourselves. Instead we believe in seizing the day and making the best of you that you can be. Even Blake must have bad hair days right?

There is a way of transforming your hair in just five minutes. Confidence starts in your head and often on your head. Fuller and longer hair in minutes can help you stand that little bit taller. It can help you enhance your own natural beauty and style.

Clip’N Go are clip-on hair extensions. You can choose either synthetic or 100% human hair. The latter might be a more expensive but with human hair extensions you get a more natural finish, shine and hair extensions blend seamlessly into your natural locks. You might have though hair extensions are an expensive long-term commitment but clip-ons offer the choice and flexibility of lift and length that you can achieve in your own home.

With our Clip’N Go’s you get pre-cut human hair extensions with clips attached to the weft. We sell clip-on hair extensions in our online store. Choose the colour first including browns, blondes, reds, combos and fancies. We’ve got over 80 shades so you can pick one closest to your natural hair colour.

Next it’s all about the length. At Dream Girl we’ve got up to six lengths of clip-on hair extensions; 14″, 16″, 18″, 20″, 22″ and 24″. Two inches might not sound like much but you want clip-ons to look part of your natural hair. You can easily add very long length or choose shorter extensions if it’s volume you’re looking for.

What do you get with Clip’N Go? This step by step guide shows you. You get sections of hair with different number clips enabling you to achieve coverage and volume. Longer and wider wefts go on the back and towards the crown of the head, narrower clips to the side.

Secure and easy to use yourself, clip-on hair extensions make it easy for you to transform your style in just five minutes. Ok, it might not turn you into Blake Lively but at least you’ll have hair as gorgeous as hers!


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