A simple up-do for this weekend

3 Oct
Rex Features

Rex Features

There’s something about Autumn that puts us in the mind of tousled locks, rich chestnut colours and wavy styles. If you’re feeling inspired by the start of a new season embrace the change and try something new with your hair.

One of our style icons is Emma Watson. Not only is she an awesome, articulate woman but she also has a rather natty sense of style that we at Dream Girl love.

So this weekend take inspiration from the gorgeous actress and try this simple up-do that’s all about a classic, timeless beauty.

You’ll need longer locks for this style so for those with hair extensions it’s easy to whip your hair back. If you have shorter hair that you lengthen with clip-on hair extensions you’ll need to wear them to try this.

Once that’s done part your hair slightly to the side. Take the first section at the front by the temple; it should be about an inch wide. Begin to twist the hair so it almost looks like a braid. Once you get to the nape of the neck take your pins and pin in place. The pins should be invisible so point them in towards the scalp to secure the twist.

Take the section on the other temple and repeat the process again. Once you reach the nape of the neck again pin the hair in place.

Check in the mirror turning your head to the left and the right making sure the twist is uniform, secure and even across the sides of the head.

You should now have a long ponytail lying down your back. Without disturbing the pins begin to twist the ponytail until it begins to coil round. Twist it into a bun at the centre of the head and tuck the ends under. Pin to secure.

Emma wears  a side parting to show off that ear cuff and you could do the same with a great pair of earrings. A red lip will pop and adds to the impact of a classic style.

There you have it, a great and easy up-do to let you have a stylish weekend!

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