Why we love our long locks

10 Oct

Dream Girl Price Drop Banner

Wear it up, wear it down. We just love our long hair.

As Dream Girl launches a limited offer for discounts on Euro Weft and Clip-On hair extensions we want to celebrate our lovely long locks.

The truth is that hair trends come and go, but long hair is a classic that never goes away. Everyone from Princesses to models, actors, rockstars and high street fashionistas have worn their long locks with pride.

What helps to keep long hair up to date is the care we offer it. By adding soft layers, perhaps a bold fringe or a few angled ends we can add variety to our long style and keep it looking fresh.

It’s the versatility of long hair that we love, and that’s why so many turn to hair extensions to add instant length and volume. Either using Euro Weft or easy to use clip-on hair extensions, you can have instant long locks.

Style it with a parting in the middle and keep hair wavy and tousled for a look that’s full of body. Or go sleek with super straight hair and a simple side parting for an edgier style. Try a Hollywood glam style that sweeps waves and curls over one shoulder for a night out, or try messing it up for a hairstyle that’s straight of the London catwalks with a middle parting and scrunched look.

Euro Weft are known as silky straight hair extensions. For those who want to try that super straight style these are the hair extensions to go for. With a velvety and sleek natural texture they are incredibly soft to touch, ideal for those who want a natural finish.

At Dream Girl we are careful to only choose the highest quality human hair, ethically sourced. When the hair cuticles are left intact it allows hair to remain looking and falling naturally. Euro Weft hair extensions are ideal for weaving, so you can make your own clip-in hair extensions.

Our clip-in hair extensions are perfect for those who want the ultimate and versatile approach to styling their hair. Our clips are pre-cut human hair extensions with clips attached to the weft itself. To apply you simply clip onto your own hair close to the root. You can easily add volume, length, fullness or even highlights.

For a limited period only we’re offering discounts on both our Euro Weft and clip-on hair extensions. Browse our online store and over 80 shades to find the right deal for you.

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