Don’t live with bad haircuts!

17 Oct even Beyonce can’t get it right every time, what hope is there for the rest of us?

This week Queen B unveiled her new hairstyle and it hasn’t gone according to plan. Hey, we’ve all done it! You have an idea for a style or you spot something in a magazine and want to try it for yourself.

The problem is that not every style suits every woman. Beyonce stepped out in Paris with what looks like long blond hair extensions and a very short bluntly chopped fringe. At Dream Girl we’re all for women experimenting with their style but we also know every woman is different.

The blunt fringe does nothing for Beyonce’s beautiful face. Her hair is incredibly thick and a blunt fringe works best on very straight hair. Anything with a little wave or frizz and you’ll spend most of your time flattening it out or trying to stun it into submission. Side swept or longer fringes work best on very thick hair.

The thing is when we try a hairstyle that hasn’t quite worked out we don’t get our pictures splashed across the tabloids. We don’t get anyone analysing our hair decisions and pointing out where we went wrong.

That doesn’t mean that when we pick a bad haircut we should lock ourselves indoors. If you’ve gone for a brutal chop, gone for a trendy style that isn’t working, or adopted a colour that’s simply gone wrong there is help at hand.

Dream Girl’s Chic Collection offers a new look everyday, but without having to take scissors to your hair. With a full range of premium quality wigs, either in synthetic or human hair pieces you can experiment with new styles with minimum fuss.

Wigs might not be the first thing you think of as part of your style collection but in fact they offer a stylish and flexible way to change your style instantly with minimum fuss. With a range of lengths on offer, textures and colours Dream Girl’s wigs are finely wefted. This means you can achieve a truly natural look.

Choosing a wig is simple. Our Chic Collection has 33 colours to choose from; from Apricot Blond right through to Dark Chocolate. In our online store you can choose from Lace Wigs, Elastic Wigs or Standard Wigs. You can choose a range of different lengths, depending on whether you want a shorter style or a longer look. Then you can order the exact wig you want directly from us.

Once your wig arrives you can either wear it as it is or choose to go to your stylist and have it individually styled just for you. This is often an option for those who are choosing a wig to conceal thinning hair and want to cover their locks easily.

We know that it’s often too simple to make bad style choices when it comes to our hair. Not every style suits everyone. But we also know that whatever we do our hair always grows back. In the meantime a wig from Dream Girl’s Chic Collection means that no one will ever know!

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