The style for spring 2015

24 Oct

With autumn and winter upon us, spring feels like a long way away. As we celebrate Diwali and with Christmas is just around the corner so we have plenty of fun and cheer to look forward to before then, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be excited about next year.

The latest fashion shows offered a glimpse of the new styles for spring 2015. There’s one thing that unifies all the myriad hairstyles we spotted for next year; long hair. So if you opted for a bob or lob in 2014 either pick your hair extensions for instant length or start growing your hair over the winter months. In 2015 long hair is back in vogue.

imax tree

imax tree

Boho Waves

One of the most popular styles for long locks, Boho Waves offer the opportunity to show your healthy long locks to best effect. For healthy hair make sure you get regular trims and drink plenty of water; hair needs lots of rehydration. The gentle waves are easily achieved simply by scrunching hair or coiling around the finger as you dry. Opt for a middle or side parting and just ruffle hair with a little styling wax to separate the ends for that “just done” finish.

Super long ponytails

Ponytails certainly had a moment in 2014 and looked fresh from spring to summer and autumn. This twist for spring 2015 is added length. Sleek, but long and loose it’s the easiest way to look styled with the minimum of effort in the morning. Either opt for a low pony at the nape of the neck, add a little volume at the crown by back-combing or adding clip-in extensions or a hair piece for added lift. If you haven’t got the length required for the long pony use one of Dream Girl’s clip in ponytail hair extensions. You can choose from a  range of colours to find the right one for you.

imax tree

imax tree

Sumo knots

The top bun was the must-have style for 2014. In 2015 it’s the “sumo knot”. Buns are big next year and they’re full of volume. If your hair is fine, hair extensions will help to add that volume as well as length to give you the lift you need. Backcomb the ponytail and twist underneath for a sleek style, plait and twist into a tight bun or just twist and pin for a simple style.

Remember Dream Girl has a limited offer on a range of hair extensions. Head to our online store to see if you can find a deal that’s right for you.

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