Five tips for planning party hair

7 Nov

winter-wonder1The season to be glam is almost upon us. Parties, shindigs and a chance to let our hair down and dance the night away – Yes, we love the festive season.

If party planning is your thing then don’t forget to start with your hair. There’s only one problem with it and that’s that your hair has to work really hard. Taking you from day to night, dealing with all that freezing cold outside and central heating inside while still looking sleek and stylish can take a real toll.

That’s why it makes sense to start planning your party hair now. Remember, you’re not alone and you can always ask for help.

So here is Dream Girl’s five tips for making sure your hair gets through the festive season;

  1. Clip-on hair extensions transform your style in minutes

Work doesn’t stop just because the festive season is approaching. If you know there are going to be days when you go straight from your desk to the dance floor be prepared. Clip-on hair extensions allow you to change your style in minutes. Use Dream Girl’s Colour Comparator to choose a shade that closely matches your own. All you need to is clip in the hair extensions and you can have a longer and fuller style that feels a little bit more glamorous.

  1. A Ponytail hair extension is ideal for a ballerina bun

You’re not looking for hairstyles that take hours to create. Instead you want something simple that has maximum impact. How’s this? Tie your hair into a high ponytail on the crown of the head. Twist the ponytail into a bun and pin in place. Use hairspray to smooth any loose strands. Next, clip a ponytail hair extension over your bun. Twist and coil to create a bun and pin in place. You’ll have a glam style that you’ve created, literally, in minutes.

  1. Invest in a  handbag size hairspray and dry shampoo

You can’t bring your whole makeup bag with you into work. Instead make sure you have smaller sized essentials. Dry shampoo can revamp your fringe and help shake off some of the day’s grease. Hairspray is a must have whether you’re opting for an up-do or loose style. It will help you control wayward ends and will help hair look neater.

  1. Want to try something new? Practice

Being locked in the loo at work trying to master the perfect quiff while your female colleagues bang on the door is not the way to get yourself ready for any kind of party. Party season can often be a great time to experiment with a new look or style but remember this, practice it. If you fancy trying a wetlook, slicked back style – which is both edgy and simple – that’s great but have a go at home to see a) how it looks and b) how easy it is to do yourself. There’s nothing worse than starting a style and halfway through realising you hate it but there’s no going back. This is about you feeling awesome about yourself.

  1. Get a trim before party season kicks off

One of the main causes of frizzy hair is split ends. Going from cold weather outdoors to heated rooms doesn’t help; it dries hair out making it more brittle and likely to break. The best way to tackle it is head on. Before party season gets underway have a trim and rid yourself of any split ends. Hair will be healthier, stronger and in a much better position to take the styling of the festive season.

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