Restore your hair extensions this winter

14 Nov

Winter is not kind to hair. This we know. Going from cold wind and rain outside to central heating inside causes frizz, dryness and split ends. Just as you need to treat your hair in the summer to protect it from heat, you need to do the same in winter to protect from cold.

It’s just as important to protect your hair extensions as well, especially if you have 100% human hair extensions. Your extensions are exposed to the exact same conditions as your natural locks. Damaged hair extensions don’t last as long.

So here are Dream Girl’s tips for protecting both your natural hair and your hair extensions from the cold weather.

  • Add water

When it’s cold and windy all the dust and dirt in the street gets blown around. You get caught in the rain and your hair is drenched. Keeping your hair clean and shiny is a vital way to restore it. Your hair creates natural oils that help to keep it strong. What happens when hair is blown about and run ragged by the weather is that these natural oils are washed away. You don’t have to wash hair daily, every other day works fine (sneaky tip, if you have a fringe you can wash that everyday to keep it shiny).

  • Treat your hair

Give your hair a festive treat to keep it looking healthy and luscious. When hair is dry what it needs is extra moisture. There are special conditioners designed just for hair extensions. Leave it on a few extra minutes and gently comb through. Make sure you treat your hair once a week in the winter to reduce damage from cold and central heating. Dryness stretches and snaps hair causing split ends which reduce the lifespan of your hair extensions.

  • Turn the heat off

Using heat like straighteners and a hot blow dry or curling tongs will only damage your hair further. As we’ve said before, hair is like wax. When you heat it it melts slightly and becomes more pliable so you can style it. The problem is that the heat then damages your hair causing it to stretch and snap. Never use heat on hair extensions if you want them to last.

  • Use SPF, even in the winter

It might seem counterproductive when you think there isn’t much sun about but winter rays can be just as harmful as summer ones. While you should protect your skin you should always protect your hair as well. Always use products with an SPF to keep your hair looking healthy and shiny and to reduce damage.

We want your hair extensions to look as luscious as possible for as long as possible. Follow Dream Girl’s winter tips and keep your hair looking as healthy as you can throughout the festive season and beyond.

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