Slick it back

21 Nov

Could wet look style be the simplest day to night style for this year’s Christmas do?

Every year we think we’re going to manage to get from desk to dance floor and somehow turn into a supermodel on route. Pro-tip, it doesn’t quite work out like that. Inevitably some email or other pings into our inbox exactly when we’d planned to hotfoot it into the bathroom and transform ourselves. Or, instead, we simply haven’t got the tools to hand to dedicate our usual crimping, primping and backcombing in the shared toilets in the office (let’s be honest, who really wants to show all their beauty secrets to their colleagues? It sort of ruins the illusion).

This year, however, we think we might have cracked it. Whether we have super-long hair or mid length locks then we think the super-slick wet look might be the one that makes us look just the right amount of high-fashion and edgy.

The danger with the wet-look, obviously, is that it can look as though you’ve simply decided to let your hair dry au naturel. Put the extra work in, however and you can recreate this style that’s been spotted on everyone from Kendall Jenner to Rita Ora and suits you whether you have a centre parting, side-parting or tie it back into a  ponytail.

Add a hair piece

You want you hair to look lifted and voluminous at the roots for this look to work when your hair is loose. This can be achieved either through backcombing or by using a hairpiece. Simply clip on at the crown and comb over your own hair to cover. With 100% human hair and with a variety of shades helping you choose the one closest to your own colour this adds volume at the crown. Hair can then be slicked and styled creative an edgy look.

Wear a long pony

The slicked back look doesn’t have to focus solely on loose hair. You can slick back your locks and wear a high ponytail. If your hair is a little shorter and you want a long pony buy one of Dream Girl’s ponytail extensions. These either tie or clip over your natural hair and can be matched as closely as possible to your own hair colour.

Don’t forget, for a limited period only there are offers on Dream Girl hair extensions in our online store. Head over to our store to find out more.


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