How to rock medium length hair

28 Nov

Hair extensions don’t mean super long hair – with lengths starting at 14 inches you can opt for a medium length hairstyle like Keira Knightley, Alexa Chung and Taylor Swift.

alexa chung

Rex Features

Medium length hair is having a moment. Sitting just below the shoulders it’s versatile and easy to wear. You can still style an updo and mix it up with a fringe for texture but it’s light enough to have plenty of volume.

Don’t think, though, if you’re looking to hair extensions that a medium length hairstyle it out of the question. At Dream Girl, hair extensions lengths start at 14 inches meaning you can have  a medium length style that’s ideal for you if you’re growing out a short cut. You only need two inches of growth to wear hair extensions so a style to just below the shoulders can ensure you don’t need that awkward growing out stage to knock your confidence, plus you can have a style that’s bang on trend.


Rex Features

There are plenty of ways to wear a medium length hairstyle as well. Go for Keira Knightley’s style and wear it with a middle parting and opt for a super sleek style. Ends should be blunt cut and use a serum and de-frizz before style to ensure hair has a smooth finish. Or mix it up like Alexa Chung who opts for a shaggy style with plenty of texture. You can add waves without heat by twisting hair into one inch sections and pinning in place. Use a little hairspray and allow to set for half an hour. Unpin and separate sections with your fingers. Scrunch and spray to fix the style in place. Taylor Swift wears her medium length hairstyle with a side fringe.

Remember, a medium length style can work light a long bob but it’s refreshingly low maintenance. Head to Dream Girl’s online store and select hair extensions. You can choose to go for Remi Silky or Euro Weft, weaving 100% human hair extensions depending on your budget. With over 80 shades on offer you can find a colour that closely matches your own natural shade. This is so important if you are growing out a shorter style; you’ll find that your natural hair can be tricky to control as it’s growing out. You’ll want to mask it as much as you can and hair extensions the same colour will help with that.

Changes styles doesn’t have to be a long process, or one that needs plenty of management. The range of lengths on offer for hair extensions means you can opt for a medium length instead of super long and style it out.

We’ve still got limited edition special offers on selected ranges of hair extensions over in our online store. Shop there now.

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