100 years of hairstyles

5 Dec

Our favourite video of the week is one that shows how much our hairstyles have changed in 100 years. The minute film depicts the Edwardian style of 1910 through the the 20s bob, 60s beehive, back-combed 80s and right up to our relaxed style of today.

There’s a feeling in the Dream Girl office that we might be using this films as inspiration for our party season style!

Women’s hairstyles have changed a huge amount and it shows how the position and power of women has shifted. In the 1910s with little political sway women’s hair was severe as style was dictated by the (male) social norms. The 20s chop reflects women taking control and then hairstyles become more relaxed and chilled as women decide what they want to do with their hair, rather than get told by someone else.

At Dream Girl we love dressing up and dressing down, chopping and changing our hair and we use hair extensions, hairpieces and wigs to do just that. It adds to your choice and lets you experiment with your own style.


We love the 20s faux bob. It’s easy to recreate as well. If you have long hair thanks to hair extensions or natural growth then just add plenty of volume to the roots with big curlers. Spray and then uncurl. Backcomb the ends to reduce length and then twist and curl hair under, pinning it in place. The heart shaped lip colour and just a flick of mascara finishes the 20s look.

70shairThe 70s flyaway look is also easy to reproduce yourself. This looks perfect with longer locks so for those with medium length hair use Clip’N Go Hair extensions. They easily clip over your natural hair adding instant volume and length. Use those big curlers again to add volume in the roots. Spray and leave for half an hour. Simply uncurl and separate strands with your fingers. Hair should be styled away from the face provide a billowing cushion of hair. Match with a natural finish and go for wide legged trousers to complete the look.

2010shairBut it’s the modern look of today that we do really love. Experimenting with retro styles is great but the look of the 2010s is relaxed, carefree and effortless beauty. Longer locks are ideal and hair extensions can help you do just that. For those simple curls don’t use heat as it will damage your hair. Instead once you’ve dried your hair separate into one inch sections. Twist each section around your forefinger and then pin in place. Once you’ve pinned up all your hair spray and then finish your makeup.

Remove all the pins and comb with your fingers to separate the waves. Scrunch and spray to fix in place. You could opt for Dream Girl’s range of Waves and Curls if you’ve already got wavy or curly hair. Then pose for your best selfie face and you’re good to go.

At Dream Girl we love that women can explore their own style and have the freedom to wear their hair however they like. This season embrace your own style and wear your hair how you want to wear it.

Watch the full film here.

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