Planned your party look yet?

19 Dec
Braids wil be big again in 2015! Harper's Bazaar

Braids wil be big again in 2015! Harper’s Bazaar

Christmas is the most glamorous time of the year. A little glitz here, some sparkle there as the party invitations start arriving we start planning our look.

This party season will you go for a sleek, styled up-do or glossy waves? How about slicked back hair with a long ponytail hair extension, or a bang on trend braid? Whatever hairstyle you go for remember to check out Dream Girl’s blog for tips, styling ideas and how-to guides to recreate the most fashionable of festive hairstyles.

So whether you’re looking for Remi Silky Hair Extensions to add volume and length to your natural style, whether you want a Ponytail Hair Extension to create a braid, bun or longer pony, Clip In Hair extensions for a fast style fix now is the time to do it.

Alexa Chung's slightly messy style is on trend

Alexa Chung’s slightly messy style is on trend

How are we going to wear our hair for 2015? And what styles can you adopt now to make sure your party look in 2014 is all about next season’s styles?

If the catwalks are anything to go by messy hair is going to a “thing” this spring. We probably won’t go for the full half done ponytail but it’ll be a good way to nod to the style with a little Kate Moss esque scrunched messy, long styles. Simply use mousse to scrunch through straight hair and keep it from being too sleek.

Braids aren’t going anywhere in 2015 but they are changing. Instead of running the braid down your back wear it over your shoulder, like a side ponytail. Dress it up with a scarf braided through the plait or style three braids and tie them together at the ends. Make it fun and playful.

Waves are low-fi in 2015 and it’s all about letting your hair dry naturally. We’ve been banging on about the dangers of heat on hair for ages so this is good news. Just use a little mousse to add lift and then let hair dry on its own.

We’re seeing bold colours on show for lips next spring, reds and plums so keep hair as simple as possible to let the lips pop.

Today, Friday 19 December is the last day you can order from Dream Girl before Christmas so do that today. We’ll be back on Tuesday 6 January 2015.

Have a happy, healthy and most importantly a stylish Christmas and new year!

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