Dream Girl’s hair stars of 2014 – Part 1

24 Dec

We’ve had some great styles to swoon over in 2014. From Beyonce’s long locks to Nicky Minaj’s flashes of colour and love of wigs our hair has been long, short and everywhere in between.

So who has won 2014 in terms of hair?

Over Christmas and New Year, at Dream Girl we thought we’d run down the best styles of the year to offer you a little inspiration for the festive season. See you in 2015!


beyonce-2014OK, so there was that super short fringe that nodded to a rockabilly style this year that we felt didn’t work. But then we spotted this shot of Beyonce at a charity gig earlier this eyar and we remembered why she’s one of our style icons. Minimal make up, soft waves and her natural beauty just shines through. Beyonce proves the rule that when it comes to beauty be yourself and your natural style shines through.

Kendall Jenner

Hair was kept simple and slick this year and no-one shows it to better effect than Kendall Jenner. Her sultry and smoky eye pops because your hair is straight and sleek. Hair is shiny and super healthy with a middle parting, Serum helps to keep it smooth. A great style that is minimum effort but maximum impact.

Gwyneth Paltrow

In spring 2014 a lot of celebs went for short cropped styles. By autumn many were wearing hair extensions

Our hair crush Blake Lively, beautyhigh.com

Our hair crush Blake Lively, beautyhigh.com

while they grew them out. But for some it was about embracing a soft, medium length style that oozed health and beauty. Gwyneth Paltrow summed this up for us at Dream Girl this year. Sitting just below the shoulder these gentle waves and styled with plenty of volume at the roots. The lengths at the front are slightly longer than those at the back which adds a little lift for those with fine hair.

Blake Lively

You can’t beat a little Blake Lively. Long, luscious, soft and gentle waves Blake’s simply one of our hair gurus. We’d kill for just one day with her stylist. This style is all about the volume. Invest in big hair rollers so if your long locks are boosted with hair extensions to add volume you can have a little more plus curls at the tips.

Katie Holmes

When you want a simple no-fuss up-do, Katie Holmes is your go-to girl for inspiration. This bun is just the right side of messy. It’s stylish and not too “done”. A perfect style from day to night.

Have a great Christmas and a happy new year from everyone at Dream Girl!


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