Dream Girl’s hair stars of 2014 – Part 2

31 Dec

Over Christmas and New Year while our online store is closed we’re taking the chance to reflect on the last year. Last week we shared the first part of our Top 10 best celebrity hairstyles of 2014. Now we share our top 5.

Emma Watson

Rex Features

Rex Features

Up or down, Emma Watson’s wavy style has grown into a feminine and sleek finish, just like her. Having grown up in the spotlight, the star has often used her hair to tell a story – think about when she cut in that pixie crop when Harry Potter finished. Yet right now her hair is gloriously just right. Mid-length with plenty of volume and gentle waves Emma Watson knows that hair is the perfect finish to any outfit, up or loose.

Kim Kardashian

Kim’s signature look is sexy, wavy dark locks and it’s a beautiful style. Bags of shine, a rich and deep colour it’s an easy look to recreate. Hair extensions can offer added volume and length while big curlers can add more lift at the roots and a little curl.

Jennifer Lawrence

The Mockingbird Star has spent much of this year growing out a pixie crop and has confessed she got a little help. When she appeared on TV with a bob in autumn, Lawrence admitted she had a little help from hair extensions. It’s the ideal way to deal with an awkward style grow-out. It also shows you don’t have to settle for a hairstyle you don’t like! Jennifer Lawrence is confident and beautiful and her hairstyle shows that she feels it right to her tips.

Kim Kardashian, Elle

Kim Kardashian, Elle

Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj chops and changes her hair as often as she does her outfits and that’s why she’s on our list. At Dream Girl we believe in having the freedom to change your style whatever your mood. Inject a little colour, wear a wig to go long and experiment with a new style. Take inspiration from Nicki Minaj and just go for it!

Taylor Swift

A champion for girls with fine hair (and girls everywhere!) Taylor Swift has fun with her hair. That’s right; hair is fun! Go for a retro style with vintage rolls, girly waves or go sleek and straight. Whatever you feel and whatever style you want to go for just do it!

Dream Girl is back open on Tuesday 6 January 2015

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