The best red carpet hairstyles this week

16 Jan

Awards season is officially under way and that means we can go back to obsessing about one of our first loves; red carpet style.

At Dream Girl we pore over pictures of stars and take inspiration from their hairstyles and make-up.

With the Golden Globes last week, the Critics’ Choice Awards and the Oscars and the Baftas approaching we have plenty to look out for.

We’ll keep you up to date on our favourite styles and show you how to recreate them throughout awards season. First, here are a few of our top hairstyles this week.

Jessica Chastain’s old school glamour



Two red-headed stars opted for old school Hollywood style on the red carpet this week; Jessica Chastain and Amy Adams. There’s something incredibly chic about these over the shoulder styles with big, soft waves. It’s very feminine and can be styled in a more relaxed way with plenty of movement for a more modern take.

You’ll need longer locks for this so opt for Clip’N Go hair extensions to add length and volume. Make sure you choose extensions that closely match your own hair colour and can blend in seamlessly.

Hair needs to be sleek and shiny so use a shampoo that reduces any frizz and style with big volume curlers. You want plenty of volume at the roots. Create a side parting and then divide hair into 1.5 inch sections and fix into curlers. Use a little hairspray and leave hair for as long as you can; with curlers the longer you leave it, the longer the curls will last.

Once you uncurl use serum to smooth ends and lengths and use a little extra spray to set.

Emma Stone’s tousled waves



This is the ideal style when you know you have to look smart but you don’t want to look too “done”.

Emma’s hair is mid-length but this also works for those with longer styles. It’s a great way to add texture. Dry hair as normal and then divide hair into one inch section. Take each section and twist it around your finger and then pin in place. Use hairspray to fix. Leave hair for half an hour while you finish your make-up and then unpin. Brush through the sections with your fingers to divide the waves and then scrunch and fix with some hairspray.

Arrange hair in a slight side parting and you’re ready to go.

Felicity Jones sleek up-do



Sometimes, instead of wearing hair loose you want an up-do that looks chic and elegant. We’ve seen a lot of messier styles dominating over the last year but this is sleeker and use a side parting to full effect.

The secret here is serum to reduce frizz. Use a deep conditioning shampoo when you wash hair to keep it smooth. Comb into a deep side parting while damp and then dry as normal. Comb flat. For an up-do either opt for a bun or twist. Ensure your side parting remains smooth and flat. Once you’ve pinned your twist or bun in place use serum to add shine to the front section. Make sure hair is as smooth as it can be and this will be a high impact look.

Match with a smoky eye for full effect.

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