Clare Danes’ high volume style – how to achieve it

30 Jan

At Dream Girl we love big hair. The bigger the better, we say!

So we were delighted when we were looking at the red carpet styles from the SAG Awards and we spotted Claire Danes. The actor went for a full bodied style that was high on impact and glam.

You might think you’d need an army of stylists to recreate the hairstyle, but in fact it couldn’t be easier to do. In these winter months we need something to shake us out of our hibernation, and a great hairstyle is probably the best way to do it.

Start by styling your hair as normal. If you hair is fine you’ll know that hair extensions will help add volume as well as length. This is important as you’ll want plenty of lift at the roots. Hair extensions that blend seamlessly into your natural hair will work best. Alternatively, you could opt for a hair piece that you wear at the crown. This clips just under your own hair but provides lift at the roots and can create added volume.

Once your hair is dry, start work.

A little backcombing at the roots will help you achieve even more volume. You’re going to need your hair in sections. Using a clip divide your hair into three sections; so start at the bottom by drawing a line with your finger under one ear and tracing it to the other side. Backbomb at the roots. Unclip hair and start at the next section, this time drawing a line from over the ears. Backcomb. The last section should be just under the top layer of hair.

When you’ve finished backcombing unclip your hair so that it falls back into place.

To emphasise the volume you want to add a little curl to the ends of your hair. You also want to add lift at the roots. The easiest way to do this is with big-roll rollers. This is easy to achieve without using heat. We’d never recommend using heat on your hair from curling irons or straighteners when you wear hair extensions. It can leave your hair damaged, dry and increase the risk of split ends.

Instead, use either velcro or pin rollers. Start by diving your hair into three sections again. At each section split hair into 1.5 inch sections and roll around a roller. Spray each with hairspray and move onto the next.

Once you’ve finished rolling up all your hair leave for as long as you can. The longer you leave your hair the better it’ll stay in the style for longer and you’ll have a more defined curl at the tips.

When you’re ready to uncurl do it gently so that you don’t flatten hair. Use a little wax to smotthe hair and separate the ends slightly and shake hair into the right style. You want each curl to blend seamlessly into the next. A little texture is great but too much can look too”done”. What’s great about Claire’s style is that it looks completely natural.

A final blast of hairspray will help hair keep it’s style. That’s it, you’re ready to go.

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