Hair Undone

13 Feb
Alexa Chung's slightly messy style is on trend

Alexa Chung’s slightly messy style is on trend

This spring your hair shouldn’t be too “done”.

Gone are the days of big blow drys; not only can they damage your hair making it drier but they’re not part of the current fashion for hair that doesn’t look too styled.

Except, as hair lovers will know, it isn’t as simple as that.

Whether you wear hair extensions to add length or volume, use Clip Ons to change your hairstyle in five minutes, or even wear a wig for a fashion shift you know there’s a fine line between hair that’s “undone” and hair that’s messy. And we don’t want messy hair.

At Dream Girl we think you can still look fashionable and bang on trend without looking too grunge. Here’s our guide to tapping into spring’s trickiest trend; how to style your hair but make it look like you haven’t styled it.

1. Only style the front

If you’re wearing your hair long and loose, whatever the length, keep it edgy by just styling the front sections. Whether you’re blow-drying on a  cool setting to smooth hair, or twisting to create a wave then just do it at the fringe and front. Leave the back. This will ensure hair still looks edgy but still neat at the front.

2. Use texture

The simplest way to add texture to your hair is via waves. Dream Girl has a range of hair extensions especially for Waves and Curls. This gives hair shape  and movement. It’s help you move away from straighteners – simply the most damage you can do to hair extensions as the heat can cause extensions to split and create split ends, shortening the life of the extensions – and let you explore styles where you don’t worry about hair being smooth.

3. Add volume at the roots

One of the best ways to make sure your hair looks funky and textured, rather than flat and messy is to add volume to the roots. This can be done with mousse. If hair is very fine using Clip N’Go hair extensions will add instant thickness. A hair piece at the crown can also add a little lift. This will help your hair look volumised and with plenty of shape and movement, without looking too styled.

4. Scrunch and Go

Scrunching your hair with a little mousse or hairspray will help you achieve that slightly messy, undone look. Don’t go overboard, we’re not going for “dragged through a hedge” here; think more Kate Moss. Use too much mousse and hair can get sticky so only use it sparingly.

5. Wear it up

Remember your “undone” look doesn’t just mean loose hair; you can also take the trend to up-dos. Don’t go for a style that’s too sleek. Instead use back-comb to add texture, once you’ve finished styling pull out a few strands here and there so that your up-do isn’t too glossy.

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