Have your red carpet moment

20 Feb

Imagine what it’s like two days before the Oscars and you’re getting ready for the red carpet.

We’re not ashamed to admit that at Dream Girl we’ve daydreamed about that moment from time to time.

But even if you’re not an actress who’s likely to be nominated for your role in a movie, chances are you have moments in your own life when you want your hair to shine.

It might be a job interview, a family wedding, a party where you want to impress. Heck, it might even be that it’s a Monday morning in February and you want to look your best to cheer yourself out of the wintry gloom.

So here are Dream Girl’s tips for getting ready for your own red carpet moment, whatever the occasion.

83rd Annual Academy Awards, Arrivals, Los Angeles, America - 27 Feb 2011Be honest about your hair

One of the things we’re bad at is looking at pictures and coveting the style so much we forget it won’t actually suit our own hair or face. When we look our most beautiful it’s because we look our most, well, like ourselves. Being honest about your hair means looking at yourself squarely in the mirror and thinking about the style you want and the tips and techniques you might need to get yourself there. Never be limited by styles that don’t work with short hair or fine hair. You only need two inches of growth to wear hair extensions and they’ll add length and volume.

Up or down

Some people think a red carpet style is all about glamorous flowing locks. Others believe you can’t possibly be stylish unless your hair is up. The truth is everyone’s face shape is different and everyone suits a different style. Reese Witherspoon looked gorgeous when she wore a full-bodied ponytail on the red carpet. If you’re wearing your hair up remember a ponytail extension will add volume as well as length so you can wear a longer pony or a bigger bun that will have a bigger impact.

79th Annual Academy Awards Vanity Fair Party, Los Angeles, America - 25 Feb 2007Making hair healthy

Whether you’re wearing hair extensions or not you want your natural hair to be as healthy and shiny as possible. Healthy hair is glossy, smooth and has plenty of movement.  Whether she’s wearing it up or down, Gwyneth Paltrow’s hair always oozes health and vitality. If you’re wearing 100% human hair extensions that are glossy and shiny it won’t blend seamlessly with your natural hair if your own locks aren’t up to scratch. Treat your hair with nourishing masks once a week and drink plenty of water to keep hair hydrated. Your hair is a reflection on your health and diet. It’s especially important in winter when the cold and wind will ravage your hair. Regular trims are vital to cut away damaged ends.

Style without heat

It can be tempting if you want to add texture or smooth hair to turn to heated products like tongs or straighteners. You should never use these products on hair extensions. It’ll damage the hair and reduce their lifespan. So if heat is doing that to hair extensions what is it doing to your own locks? Using curlers or twist and pin your hair in sections to create waves and curls. Or look at Dream Girl’s hair extensions range in Waves and Curls to add texture without damaging your hair.

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