Want to Kim K your hair?

6 Mar
Getty Images

Getty Images

So we’ve all seen THAT style transformation.

Kim Kardashian going from dark brunette tresses to platinum blonde in one go is a big shift. She can carry it off and looks incredible. But such a huge change isn’t for everyone. Bleach, as all those non-natural blondes no, does hair no favours. Dry hair, split ends, frizzy locks that need more treatment to just look smooth; it can be expensive, time consuming and no one really wants to damage their hair that much.

There is a simply way to completely change your hairstyle in minutes that won’t damage a single hair. A wig will let you try a new style and colour and will sit over your natural hair meaning you don’t have to risk it with bleach or dye.

You can buy a wig from our Chic Collection directly from Dream Girl’s online store.

A Lace Wig is made using a sheer lace base where either real human hair or synthetic hair is then sewn into. This creates a more natural finish.  Hair will sit and part in a more natural way. You’ll also be able to style it easily, wear it in a ponytail or an up-do.

Choose the style of wig you want but always remember you can talk to a stylist so that once you have it fitted they can trim and style it for you if you want it shorter or a different framing option for the face.

Next think about colour. If you opt, for example, for Dream Girl’s Cindie human hair lace wig you’ll see it comes in 12 different colours. If you are a dark brunette like Kim Kardashian and you want to try a blond look go for shade 613 or 24. These a re much lighter, platinum shades that will give you that striking change.

To fit a wig wear a cap to cover your own hair and flatten it. You want the base to be as smooth as possible; any bumps or lumps will show in the wig and the hair won’t sit correctly. Once the cap is fitted you’ll need to fit the wig on top. Start at the forehead and fit the wig slowly over your scalp. Most wigs come with adjusters at the nape of the neck allowing you to fit it snugly and securely to your head.

If you want your wig to be styled, the first time you fit it go to your stylist and ask for their advice. They can work with you to create a style you both like and is comfortable to wear.

Care for your wig as you would your hair extensions with regular washing with appropriate shampoo and conditioner and allowing it to dry to keep its shape. If you pull or damage the lace base it will affect how the hair looks. It might make sense for you to buy a stand to house your wig when you’re not wearing it and help to keep it in shape.

We love Kim K for going all out with a new style. You can do the same, but you can achieve it without damaging your natural locks with bleach.


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