Give your hair extensions new life

13 Mar

We’re feeling that change of season lull. Winter is going but spring isn’t quite here. And, we have to be honest, our hair looks as tired as we feel.

Our hair is dry, it’s kind of wispy and it needs some, well, love.

If you have 100% hair extensions you’ll notice that they and your natural locks are feeling the strain. 

In the same way weather affects your skin if you don’t protect it the same happens to your hair. Hair gets too dry and it becomes brittle. There isn’t enough moisture in it so when you comb or style it it’s more likely to snap, break or split.

Here are Dream Girl’s tips for three things to do tonight to bring your hair extensions back to their former glory.

First add water. When it’s hot there’s more dust and dirt in the air. It clings to your skin and your hair weighing it down and making it greasy. Natural oils are important for keeping your hair luscious but too much and it looks lank. Give your hair extensions a deep wash. Make sure the water isn’t too hot. Use special shampoo that’s gentler on hair extensions. Rinse carefully to remove all the dirt and grime from the hot summer streets.

Treat your hair. What you need to do is add some moisture to give hair back its bounce. Choose a special conditioner that is designed to lock moisture into hair extensions. Usually you leave it on for a few extra minutes, in the same way you would a face mask. Rinse through carefully combing with your fingers. Don’t undo all your good work by styling your hair with heat. Give it a break and let it dry naturally if you can.

Use products with SPF. Everyone knows that if you want to protect your skin from harmful rays you need to wear an SPF. It’s exactly the same with your hair. You can buy conditioners or serums to add to your hair that protect it from the sun. It’s a worthwhile investment in spring months as well as summer ones as the sun causes damage no matter what time of year. If you don’t protect your hair from UV rays then hair is drier, it’s more brittle and it will split more easily.

You want your hair extensions to last as long as they can. Weather damage can dry out your hair making it more brittle. Once you get split ends it’s only a matter of time before you need to replace your hair extensions. Dream Girl uses 100% human hair that’s of the highest quality but it still needs a little protection. Look after your locks and you’ll keep them for longer.


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