Let your natural hair shine

3 Apr


We all want something different from our hair and everyone’s hair comes with its own challenges. Natural hair is often seen as something we need to tame and control when in in fact that couldn’t be further from the truth.

At Dream Girl we believe in making every woman feels as beautiful as she can, that’s why we create products that enhance beauty, rather than define it. Our hair extensions come in many shapes and sizes from long and straight to deep curls. With over 80 different shades it’s easy to find what you’re looking for, whatever your style is.

From high puffs to fab ‘fros natural hair is more visible than it has been. There hasn’t been the same kind of variety on offer, not the same flexibility in beauty styling. That’s changing and for Dream Girl it’s all about offering the same kind of flexibility and creativity when it comes to hair styling, no matter what kind of hair you have or hairstyle you want.

Via Dream Girl’s online store you can buy 13 different kinds of hair extensions, that includes traditional styles like Euro Weft and Remi Silky but it also includes Yaki, French Deep Curls, French Jerry Curls, Super and Bulk Yaki. Whether you want to wear your hair long and add thickness or volume, or you want straighter hair for braids, Dream Girl’s range is all about adding choice.

European hair is often finer, thinner and adding volume and length is about making hair appear thicker. Strand by strand natural hair is thicker and can be coarser in terms of texture. Frizziness, tangles, teasing; natural hair faces far more diverse challenges and so needs different solutions and styles to choose from.

But at the end of the day what every woman wants is to look natural. We want to embrace our curls while enjoying a longer length if we feel like it. We want to wear a short style some days and clip in hair extensions on a weekend. We don’t want to have to relax our hair but instead wear our hair puffed up or slightly frizzy or even a full ‘fro if that’s how we feel.

Hair extensions should be a tool to help us get there, not a way of defining how we all style our hair. Hair should be happy and healthy, extensions should help locks look real and beautiful. extensions should blend with any texture and experimenting with colour should be something open to everyone.

Beauty is never one size fits all, and that’s why Dream Girl’s hair extension aren’t either.

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