Rich girl hair is Spring’s biggest trend

10 Apr
Getty Images

Getty Images

There’s an old beauty adage that says the style that takes the longest to achieve is the one that looks like you’ve done nothing.

Here at Dream Girl we can’t be the only ones who’ve agonised for far longer than we’d care to admit in front of the mirror trying to achieve that, slightly tousled, “hey, I woke up like this look”.

Rich Girl Hair might sound like your worst nightmare, hair-wise. Who has the energy (or good genes for that matter) to look as effortless as Solange Knowles or Cara Delevingne when they leave the house? Who’s got the money to spend on making hair look as though you’ve done nothing with it?

The truth is as crazy as it sounds, Rich Girl Hair is actually fairly intuitive. If you take take of your hair with regular masks, trims and stay hydrated to keep it healthy chances are you’re not far off. Rich Girl Hair is, ultimately, hair that looks taken care of.

Yet if your hair is unruly or frizzy you might think this style is going too much of a challenge. It needn’t be.

Here’s Dream Girl’s guide to Rich Girl Hair:

First you want to work with a strong foundation. You might be opting for hair extension to add length or volume but first make your natural hair as strong as you can. There are three key ingredients to take care of your locks; water, conditioner and trimming. Drink plenty of water and not only will it help to keep your skin clear but it’ll keep hair strong and shiny. Dehydrated bodies have dry and brittle hair. Condition your hair and make sure you’re using a product that suits your hair and its specific needs. Trim every six weeks. Ends get split and brittle and this will damage your hair from tip to root.

Next choose the right hair extensions for your if you need added length and volume. Dream Girl uses 100% human hair extensions that will blend seamlessly with your natural hair. With over 80 shades to choose from it’s easy to pick a colour that matches your own.

Dream Girl stocks different kind of hair extensions based on the texture of your hair. Super straight options come in Euro Weft and Remi Weft. Meanwhile for those with deep curls or waves French Deep Curls and French Jerry Curls come in a range of colours and lengths. Super and Bulk Yaki offer a thicker texture.

The slightly undone style needs to have a few kinks. Do this without heat as it’ll damage your hair extensions and shorten their lifespan, which is the last thing you want. The simplest way is to twist hair into a  bun while you’re getting ready. Once you’re ready to leave undo the bun and use a little serum to smooth the ends and hairspray to keep the shape. For those with curly hair achieve the look by reducing frizz but ensuring hair isn’t too perfect. Scrunch and spray to define shape.

There you have it. An easy way to achieve this season’s most sought after style.

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