Blonde versus brunette

17 Apr

We always like to lighten our hair for spring and it got us thinking; are you blond or brunette?

Light Caramel

Light Caramel

It’s the season where we like to change our hair, perhaps add a few lighter and warmer tones. Yet there are things to think about before you take the plunge. There are alternatives to reaching for the bleach bottle. You can change your hair colour in ways that won’t damage your locks.

The old adage is that blondes have more fun and it’s easy to find out. First, you have to think about what suits you.

Skin colour is no barrier to the colour of hair you want. Even if you have dark skin tones you can opt for a lighter shade, or highlights. What you want is warmth. Choose a shade that’s too white blonde and it’ll make you look washed out and tired. However choose something like Honey Blonde, Light Caramel or SnowWhiteeven Medium Brown and it’ll add warmth while lightening your hair.

If you have paler skin and you want to be blonde you can experiment with the much lighter shades, Snow White, even or Light Golden Blonde to brighten your hair. If you have olive skin tones you can still go for lighter shades but opt for those warmer ones again, Light Caramel or Dark Blonde that will add a lighter look while suiting your skin tone.

The good thing is you don’t have to dye your hair. Using hair extensions, especially clip ons, you can easily add shades and a fresh colour to your hair. Use Dream Girl’s Colour Guide to find the exact right shade you want. You can then DarkBrownhead to the online shop and use the right colour code to find the hair extensions you’re looking for.

You might already have blonde hair but that doesn’t mean you can’t go lighter for spring. You can take a look at some of Dream Girl’s combos which bring two complimenting shades together; like Light Honey Blonde and Lightest Blonde to add contrast.

What if you’re a brunette and you have absolutely no intention of going blonde

for spring? Well, your raven locks can add a healthy looking shine and a rich shade to the spring palette.

Ranging from Medium Ash Brown right through to Jet Black, we offer a wide

Ash Blonde and Bleached Blonde

Ash Blonde and Bleached Blonde

range of shades to add depth and warmth to brunette locks. Dark Brown will add contrast to even the darkest shades while those with lighter brown hair could choose a warmer Chestnut brown for lowlights.

Brunettes go great with reds. For those who want a much bolder spring style an Auburn or a Red will offer a vibrant season update.

Changing your hair with the season doesn’t mean turning to a bottle of hair dye. Hair extensions can help you change your colour without damaging your hair. With over 80 shades, a Colour Guide and a Colour Comparator, Dream Girl can help you find the exact right colour to update your look and put a real spring in your step.

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