How to get Selena Gomez’s beach waves

24 Apr

There are plenty of pictures of our favourite celebrities cutting their hair for spring this year. Yet sometimes you see a longer style that’s just so right it makes you wonder why you’d ever want to get rid of your locks.

Selena Gomez was snapped with the kind of beach waves we dream of having everyday. Thick, wavy hair, rich in colour looking healthy and shiny this is the hair we want for this season and right through until summer.

The good news is that Dream Girl the ingredients for you to recreate this style. Whether you’re a brunette like Gomez or a blonde it’s easy to style yourself.

What makes this style truly eye-catching is that Selena Gomez has seriously thick and long locks. Whether it’s all her own hair or she’s had a little help we don’t know but you can boost your natural locks. Use clip-on or longer lasting hair extensions to add both volume and length.

The first thing you want to do is take a look at Dream Girl’s range for Waves and Curls. From gentle beach waves to French Jerry Curls this is our range of hair extensions designed for all those without super straight hair; and we know there are plenty of you!

Pick the style of waves from Body to Italian Body as the wave and curl gets deeper and more defined. Next choose your colour. You want a shade that closely matches your own so that hair extensions blend seamlessly into your own locks. It doesn’t matter what colour your hair is; go from brunettes to blondes, reds or even funkies for a shock of colour. We’ve over 80 shades to choose from so you’ll find the exact right colour for you.

Once you’ve chosen your colour choose the right length. Going from 12″ to 18″ you can opt for mid length to super-long. Selena Gomez’s hair here is really long, sitting underneath the breastbone. Remember you can have your hair extensions fitted and then go to your stylist if they need to be trimmed or styled so that they are the perfect length for you.

Remember, never use heat to create waves or curls. Heat, like curlers or straighteners, is the fastest way to damage your locks. It’ll dry it out and can cause split ends. If you damage your natural hair you know it will grow back. If you use heat on your hair extensions then the damage will be permanent and you’re reducing the length of time they’ll look healthy and glossy for.

Remember to take care of your hair extensions every day. Use a gentle shampoo and conditioner designed especially for extensions and you’ll keep them in shape for longer.

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