Prom hairstyles you should definitely try

1 May

You’ve picked the perfect dress, the shoes you can dance (and walk) in and the date of your prom is getting nearer and nearer. Don’t let your hair be the one thing you forget!

Formal dos like a prom can often leave us heading for the traditional hairstyles; the faux curls, bobby pins, French twists and bridesmaid style tiaras. Isn’t it all just a bit, tired?

This year, Dream Girl wants to inspire a new look for the prom, whatever style of hair you have.

Wear it loose

Whatever your hair type you don’t have to wear an up-do. Think Blake Lively or Solange Knowles for inspiration of how to rock your own hair. If you want a weave or hair extensions to add thickness, volume and length for added WOW! then we can help.

updomessybunStart with Dream Girl’s Colour Comparator to pick the right shade. You want hair to blend in seamlessly. If it’s only a one night hairstyle we’d recommend clip-on hair extensions that will have your hair ready in minutes. We offer Remi Clip Ons and Euro Hair Clips ons.

For natural hair we have a wide range of extensions from French Deep Curls to Yaki and Euro Bulk depending on the texture of your hair and how relaxed it is.

A long and loose style will help you stand out from the crowd if everyone else is relying on an up-do.

If you really want to wear your hair up, though, we have some ideas.

If your hair is curly

For curly styles a messy bun will offer just the right amount of glamour with a laid back style that doesn’t look too sculptured. Twist hair at either side below your ears and tie the resulting ponytails with a band. Twist different sections of hair and pin in place, taking care to ensure it isn’t too neat.

The Pompadour

lupitaLupita Nyong’o rocked this look last summer and it’s a classic. It’s a vintage inspired look that adds a modern twist to your prom style. Reduce flyway hair with moisturiser or serum. Pin up at the back to style hair towards the top of the head using a criss cross style. Take one side and create a large roll from roots to tip. Take the remaining loose hair and fold over the remaining section, pinning in pace to secure.

A pouffie pompadour will make you feel like a rock star

Add an accessory

If you want a little hair decoration don’t turn to the tiara but opt for something more contemporary. Feathers or a jewelled hair accessory that simply slots in along your up-do will make you feel like you have had an injection of glamour, but in a modern way.

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