Are you caring for your hair extensions?

8 May

Hair is ripe for change. We love to chop and change our hairstyles, whether it’s using sew in hair extensions, clips ons or ponytail extensions. It means we can go from mid length to wavy, super long, thick pony or tight curls. You really can change your hair to suit your mood.

Yet wearing hair extensions doesn’t mean you can stop caring for your hair. The better you care for your hair extensions, the longer they will last. You ideally want extensions to blend seamlessly into your natural hair and if they start to get frizzy, with split ends then it means they need a bit more loving care.

This is what you need to be doing every week;

1. Keep an eye on them. You have to take care of hair extensions and if you have natural hair you’re used to having to manage it daily and the same goes for a weave. You can’t put it in and simply forget about it. If your high quality hair extensions are made of human hair you need to be caring for them in the same way you do your own. Specially formulated shampoos designed for hair extensions help to add moisture and nourish hair to prevent dryness.

2. Don’t neglect your roots. If you have sew in hair extensions you’ll have around 20 rows from the nape of the neck to the hairline to ensure hair lies as flat as possible and doesn’t stick up or out. You need to ensure those roots are protected and cared for as well as ends. Hair needs to be at least 1.5 inches to have hair extensions fitted so those roots are your own hair. Make sure extensions aren’t sewn in too tightly as this will damage root follicles. If moisturising conditioner can’t reach your roots then use a moisturising hair spray created using conditioner and water and spray directly onto roots when washing your hair.

3. Hair extension’s don’t last forever. Your natural hair is continuously replenished. Even if hair extensions are made from 100% human hair the hair is cut so it won’t last indefinitely. Hair extensions last a couple of months but you’ll get used to the signs of wear and tear if you wear them regularly. It’s important for your own hair that you don’t wear hair extensions for too long; not only can they look tired but as your natural hair grows back it can get knotted.

If you’re wearing hair extensions follow our guide to ensure healthy and beautiful locks that are natural looking and blend seamlessly with your own hair.

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