Perfect is over!

22 May
Getty Images

Getty Images

Who wants to be perfect? It was too much like hard work anyway and, after all, every one is different.

Perfectly coiffed curls, waves of the same prescribed kink and length, slicked back styles to ensure there’s not a strand out of place. Yesterday’s look, we’re delighted to say. And not a moment too soon.

We’ve already written about styles this summer that are slightly “undone” not too perfect and much more relaxed and laid back. Well it seems as though this isn’t just a handful of hairstyles but a key look for the next season. Don’t look too perfect.

So in honour of being “undone” we’ve written a Dream Girl guide for taking your styling back a step or two;

1. Volume is still important but this isn’t blow dried beehive volume; it’s about adding thickness at the roots. Hair extensions can add bulk and depth.

2. Learn the art of the scrunch. It helps you to make the most of your roots and add shape. Spray hairspray and dry shampoo and scrunch hair when it needs a refresh during the day.

3. If you’re wearing hair loose then the wave is your best friend. Dream Girl has a range especially for Waves and Curls but use pins to twist and secure sections of hair before unfurling for a heat-free wave.

4. Undone hair doesn’t mean ignoring an up-do. Style as normal but pull and tease strands so the up-do isn’t too perfect without a flyaway strand.

5. Embrace natural hair. Afros are full and proud this season so less teasing and twisting to “control” hair and more letting it do it’s thing.

6. Don’t brush hair under to create that turn at the bottom. Blunt finishes are key. Instead use fingers to separate ends.

7. For a messy bun use a pony-tail hair extension to add length but only loosely wrap it around the root of the pony. Ballerina buns are out.

8. Hair still needs to be shiny and glossy so don’t think not having to look perfect means you can get away with lanky locks; you can’t!

9. Use your fingers to separate strands and create more volume while you blow dry.

10. Hold products are vital for a messy style to stay all day so invest in a mousse and hairspray instead of oils. Think light hold, not slick shine.

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