Change doesn’t have to be forever

29 May

Emma-Stone-2A hairstyle isn’t something that has to stay the same. Instead it’s all about change. And one of the key trends for summer 2015 seems to be just that; whether it’s Katy Perry going green or Katie Cuoco thinking pink celebrities this season are embracing new styles, new colours and new length.

One of the hottest looks this season is the bob. Whether wavy, shoulder length or just on the chin stars like Rachel McAdams and Emma Stone have shown just how versatile this style can be.

At Dream Girl we’re all for change and we believe it’s your hair and your rules. We’re just here to make it easier. Change doesn’t have to be permanent and our range of hair extensions, weaves and wigs can ensure that you experiment with a style but know it’s only for the night.

Here are our tips for wearing the season’s top looks without making a long term commitment.

Wavy bob

You might not want to go for the chop so instead why not wear a wig to try out the season’s hottest look? Dream Girl’s Chic Collection offers a range of different style meaning you can try a shorter do without cutting your natural locks.

A lace wig in a short, chin length bob hairstyle will fit over your natural hair. Use a skull cap or net to cover and smooth your natural locks to ensure as flat a surface as possible. Fit the wig snugly and securely and have a new hairstyle in minutes.

Dip-dyed locks

With celebs brightening up their hairstyles ready for summer we’re expecting to see plenty more shades on the beach this year.

Yet dyeing your hair can do it real damage. Bleach and even natural dyes can strip hair of nutrients making it dull, lacklustre  and brittle.

To avoid that use clip-on hair extensions to add a bright hue without reaching for the dye bottle.

Dream Girl’s hair extensions can come in a range of colours we call Fancies which cover the most vibrant shades from plum to turquoise. Simply clip the hair extension in and you have a shock of new colour that’s bang on trend.

Beach waves

The thing about all those luscious long wavy styles you see is that often heat has been used to achieve the look.

Using curlers or straighteners on your own hair, never mind hair extensions, will damage it. Hair is like wax, heat styles it by softening the hair and then once it cools it keeps its shape. That bending and melting, though, can leave hair broken and brittle. Split ends are bad for natural hair but they’re worse for hair extensions. Using heat on hair extensions dramatically shortens their lifespan.

Instead if you want natural waves try hair extensions from Dream Girl’s Waves and Curls range. From tight curls to gentle waves it’s the easiest way to create a long lasting look without doing damage to your hair.


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