Summer’s Top 5 hairstyles

5 Jun

It looks like summer might have finally arrived with the weather warming up.

So here are Dream Girl’s Top 5 hairstyles to get you through the warmer months. Whether you wear hair extensions or have long locks of your own, these styles will help you stay cool as well as being bang on trend all season.

A Topknot

There’s nothing like keeping your hair off the back of your neck when it’s warm so when it’s long wrap it up in a top bun to keep it our of your face and help you stay cool. Simply tie hair into a high ponytail above the crown of your head. Split hair into two sections. Take one section and twist it round the ponytail, pinning in place. Take the second section and twist that round as well, using bobby pins to secure it. Twist and tease out a few strands so it doesn’t look too “done”. Finish with a little spray and you’re ready to go!

Roll and Twist!

This is a retro style that will keep you cool, both looks and temperature-wise! Start by combing hair into a side-parting. Begin on one side and begin twisting hair just by the temple. Use bobby pins to secure as you go. Once you get to the nape of the neck twist hair into a bun and roll it under. Pin to secure. Repeat and do the same with the other side, ensuring hair is smooth. Twist the hair at the nape of the neck over the existing bun and roll both underneath before pinning both in place.

An easy Fishtail Braid

A fishtail can look intricate but there’s an easy cheat. Instead of dividing your hair into three for a traditional plait, instead divide it into four. Plait by taking the section on the farthest left and crossing it over the next three sections. Take the farthest section on the right and cross it over the other three sections. And so on. Tie hair with a band at the tips and tease out a few loose strands. If you want your fishtail to be slightly messy just pull at a few sections along the plait.

Audrina Partidge showcases the messy side bun

Audrina Partidge showcases the messy side bun

The messy bun

With long hair you can often wake up with it looking too messy to wear loose. Embrace that by brushing hair over one shoulder. Finger comb it gently and then begin to twist. Start at the bottom and let hair naturally coil up into a bun. Pin the ends and secure in place. Use spray to fix.

A high pony

The ponytail is a classic summer style. Start by backcombing hair at the crown to add as much lift as you can. Then gather hair into a high ponytail right up on the crown, so even longer locks just brush your shoulders. Take a small section of hair from the bottom and twist it to cover the root of the ponytail and add more lift. backcomb the pony for added volume.


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