Inspiration for festival hair

12 Jun
Rex Features

Rex Features

Festival season is upon us again and that means it’s time for one of our favourite hair-spiration moments.

It can be a challenge, figuring out what to do with your hair at a music festival. OK, there are bigger problems in the world but we’re talking hair and we want it to look right. We want cool, but not too cool. easy to manage, not too complicated and able to fight the frizz.

Let’s face it, festivals are often hot and humid. These are rarely two ingredients that you throw into the mix for “effortless” hairstyles. Instead what you can end up with is a frizzy, sweaty, straggly mess. This is not a look anyone is looking to achieve this summer.

So here is Dream Girl’s advice.

1. If in doubt, braid it

Seriously. Do not waste time on products if you know your hair is just going to turn into a frizzy state you will a) hate and b) find it hard to manage. An up-do is an out of sight halfway house that provides you with a sleek and stylish finish without having to worry about what your hair is doing. A twisted up-do or braid is ideal for natural hair and long hair is you want it controllable.

2. Don’t stick with one braid, go for several

If you think your hair doesn’t need to be up, but you want a half up-do then embrace the semi-braid. Add a few plaits into your long style. This will give you a hippy vibe but it will also let you take some of the hair off your face so that it gets less greasy and lank and stays cool and loose.

3. Add a shock of colour

Flashes of colour are bang on trend for this summer. Dream Girl’s clip on hair extensions are ideal to add that bright strip of colour to your look. We have a range called fancies which come in blue, red, plum and even turquoise to add a spark of colour, perfect for festivals.

4. Must haves to carry

Dry shampoo should be one of the first things you pack. It will help reduce grease and will help hair look coiffed. Hair oil is ideal for dry ends. One of the problems in heat is that hair gets dry and stretched. Oil on the tips will help to keep the follicles moisturized and reduce split ends.

5. Don’t forget to accessorize

This summer hair accessories are a big deal. Think feathers and hairbands as well as flower crowns to add a little colour to your crowning glory.

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