Half-up hair-dos, a summer saviour

19 Jun

Half-up dos have had a bad press in the past. We’ve seen all the prom, bridesmaid styles with too much poof and curls and not enough edge. That could be why women sometimes shy away from the style.

Not this season though. This summer the half-up do is making a play to be our go to style for the warm months. Could the half-up do replace the ponytail?

On the face of it, you can see where the appeal comes from, especially if you have long, or wavy hair that you like to wear loose but want to keep of your face. If you have a weave or afro you know that a half-up do can help keep your hair away from your face while still have the fullness and bounce of your awesome natural hair.

At Dream Girl we’ve picked a few celebs to let you find some inspiration and pick the right hairstyle for you.

Kate Middleton

27fe4ad0f62f6556a9dd9c37ec3b73ceA classic style is ideal if you have very thick and long hair.

First, style your hair into gentle waves. To do this without heat which will damage your hair extensions we suggest creating pin curls. Twist one inch sections of hair into small buns, pin and spray. Leave for around half an hour.

Next start teasing the hair from behind the ears and up to the crown. Smoothe the hair using a tiny drop of serum but be careful not to flatten any of the teased hair. Beginning at the top of the ears, trace fingers along the scalp until you reach the crown. Twist the piece of hair into a bun and pin in place, tucking any ends underneath.

Leave the ends loose with your waves.


downloadThe little half-up pompadour is a great way to make this style work for a night-time look.

Beyonce wears it with straightened hair but in fact it works better with a full ‘fro. Once you’ve styled your hair as normal, as above start with the finger on top of the ear and work back to the crown to separate the hair into two sections.

The top section, twist it and then push forward to create a little lift on the front. Secure with pins to help it stay in place.


Guys like Jake Gyllenhaal and Leo di Caprio aren’t the only ones who can rock this little half up bun. Zoella shows how you can wear it as a perfect daytime or night-time style, even adding a few accessories to make it perfect.

zoella-hair-4-500x750Keep hair long and loose to start with. You don’t need to control it too much.

You want the bun to sit as near the crown of your head as you can, like a top bun. Start by teasing the hair at the crown for extra lift. Next, take the hair from the temples and gather to the top of the head, leaving a long section below falling down your back.

Take the top section and twist it into a bun on the top of your head, pinning the ends underneath.

Wrap a small scarf or scrap of fabric around the bun if you like for an extra summer accessory.

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