We LOVE Brandy’s afro

3 Jul

brandy-98_336x397_68How perfect was Brandy’s hair at the BET Awards?

We’ve been looking at it all week and all we can say is WOW! We know that Brandy likes to change up her hair, going from long locks with waves and braids but this afro is just pouff perfect.

So how can you get your hair to look like that? If you have a weave or hair extensions it’s just as easy to follow these style tips to recreate the style yourself.

First it’s about an upward stretch and what AnnisaLiMara describes in her wash-n-go tutorial. When hair is wet comb it, add a deep cleanse stage to de-tangle. Wash the hair mask off and then use either gel or butter to comb through hair to help it keep its shape once you start styling. Black hair can get dry so if you add plenty of moistening products to prevent breakage. It also to helps keep hair soft.

To stretch you have to think about shape. The majority of volume is up at the top by the crown, not as much on the sides or at the back so focus stretching right on the top of the head. Section hair into one at the front, at the sides and top.

Finger coil sections once you’ve added a little hair oil to define your afro a little bit more. Take the section at the front and tie in a little pony. Then take a brush and start to brush and section hair on the crown once you’ve finger coiled. Clip the hair at the back down.

Use a diffuser to help you stretch your hair and help it to dry. Pull while you’re drying gently to help stretch and add lift and volume. After diffusing use an afro comb to stretch hair up at the crown. Add a little lift and the back and sides but you want it to look at its biggest right at the crown.

Hair should be full of bounce, fluffy and soft. This style can stay in place for up to a week and you can run a little extra butter or oil through it to keep the ends healthy and soft.

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