Fight the summer frizz

10 Jul

frizzSummer is here and you know what that means? Right, humidity. Your hair is frizzy, dry and quite frankly you just want to wear a scarf and have done.

Fear not. Here is Dream Girl’s guide to summer hair and fighting that frizz!

1. Don’t wash your hair everyday

If you’ve an afro chances are you don’t wash your hair daily anyway, cos you don’t need to. But if you do wash your hair daily then stop. As much as you might have a shampoo that promises to put natural oils back in your hair chances are it doesn’t. Go a day between washes and use dry shampoo on any fringes that need it. It will help you protect hair and keep it moisturised.

2. Don’t over brush

You know when you brush hair too much and it gets static? That’s not good. Hair can get frizzier and brittle when you over brush. Instead to de-tangle use your finger with a little bit of hair oil on them to separate ends.

3. Don’t towel rub too much

Again the added friction of towel drying can damage your hair, making it more prone to frizziness. Instead comb with your fingers and let hair dry as naturally as you can. Squeeze excess moisture out of the ends of hair but don’t rub.

4. Keep hair moisturised

Whether it’s hair oil, butter, conditioner, hair masks you name it try it! Everyone’s hair is different so you might need to try a few different products that will help keep your own hair soft and supple. If you wear hair extensions use a product specifically formulated for those to help keep them protected.

5. Embrace the frizz

There are some days when you can’t fight it so you know what we advise? Embrace it! Embrace the added volume and use hairspray to create a big puffed do. Smooth down the top and secure with a pin or add a few twists but allow the frizziness to run free. After all, it’s summer. Anyone who says they aren’t battling frizz is lying!

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