What’s your hair secret?

17 Jul

Are you one of those women who is always changing their hair? Bright colour, long locks, short pixie styles, high ponytails; change your shoes, change your hairstyle?

gwen-stefani-orange-hair-photoGwen Stefani is exactly one of those women. The lead singer of No Doubt, judge on the US version of The Voice, designer, perfume maker and style icon is known for chopping and changing her locks. Whether it’s blonde, pink or even blue she will – and has – worn anything from tight buns, high ponytails, super-long, straight locks and tight curls.

She’s not the only one. Think of Nicki Minaj or Beyonce. Hair is seen as a continuation of your outfit and it doesn’t need to look the same way all the time.

OK, you might be thinking, that sounds fairly expensive. These are all hugely famous women with huge bank balances. How can we possibly compete with their spending budget?

It’s simple, choose a few key items and know where to look. At Dream Girl if you opt for clip-on hair extensions, with a range of fancies as well as your natural hair colour, a wig or two and a ponytail hair extension you too can experiment with your style.

Hair Extensions

Clip-on hair extensions allow you to change your style in minutes. Choose you length and your colour. If you use Dream Girl’s Colour Comparator you can choose a colour closely matching your own natural shade. This is the easiest way for you to add long locks and transform your style.

Alternatively opt for a shade from our range of fancies; bright colours like turquoise, red or orange so you can add a shock of colour and go for something with a higher impact.


A wig is the fastest way to change your style. Perhaps you have long hair and want to try something short, or you’ve got shorter locks (too short for hair extensions which need two inches of growth) and you want a longer look. Explore Dream Girl’s Chic Collection to find the style and shape of wig you like.

Whether blonde, brunette or black all you need with a wig is a skull cap to ensure your hair underneath is smooth and flat. Once you fit your wig you can work with your hair stylist to trim and style the wig to suit your face shape and get the hair the way you want it.

Ponytail Hair Extension

Gwen Stefani wears high ponytails that leave the long pony either sitting on the shoulder or falling down the back. It’s the perfect summer style as it’s cheerful and bouncy.

However if you’ve not got long hair your might find this a difficult style to recreate. What a ponytail extension does is clip over your natural hair and provide that extra length. Choose an extensions that matches your own natural shade so that it will blend in seamlessly. Either choose a tie or a clip style. Tie back your own hair, using spray or pins for sections that might need a little help. Then simply clip the hair extension over your natural hair.

Watch that hair interview with Gwen Stefani on E Online here.

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