Vintage beauty hacks that work

24 Jul

marilynWhen we think of Hollywood stars like Rita Hayworth, Marilyn Monroe and Grace Kelly we think of one thing;glamour. Stars with a timeless beauty and style that we wish we could emulate.

Well now that’s not as hard as it looks. This week we were fascinated by a piece in Femail about vintage beauty tips and how they could be updated. We did some digging of our own and found our top 4 vintage beauty hacks especially for hair and how they work for the modern woman.

Using perfume on your hairbrush

An old beauty hack designed to give you a waft of scent every time you flick your hair. While this sounds like a great idea could it do any damage? If you were using a lot of alcohol then you might dry out your hair and strip off natural oils. Even hair extensions that have been treated won’t respond well to being brushed with alcohol.

So it makes sense that if you’re going to do this use a natural oil perfume; like vanilla or a white musk. This natural oil should contain no alcohol and won’t damage your hair. OK, it’s only a tiny amount but who wants to take the risk?

Olive oil on your hair

The story goes that Hollywood legend Rita Hayworth would use use a kitchen staple to keep her locks clean and shiny. When hair was washed she’d rub olive oil on the ends and wrap in a towel for 15 minutes before rinsing off.

This makes complete sense. As we all know the ends of our hair get dry and brittle. Not looking after the tips of hair extensions can be one of the main causes of them having a shorter lifespan. Oil can help to keep ends hydrated and prevent breakage which prevents split ends. It doesn’t have to be olive oil, any oil will work from Argan to Coconut.

Homemade rollers

The fashion in the fifties was for bouncy, curly hair around shoulder length. If your hair was straight, or too curly, you’d need to use rollers to add lift. The problem was heated rollers were expensive. Therefore women used a simple lifestyle hack to style their hair without the expense. You’d simply roll a section of hair around a scrap of fabric while it was damp then tie the ends together and sleep overnight.

The idea was probably better for hair than heated rollers as well. Heat damages hair like nothing else, risking brittle and dry locks that break easily. Even straighteners and modern curling irons can do damage to hair. The fabric hack is a great idea from that perspective but it doesn’t create uniform curls. Hair can become too frizzy and messy. However if you use pins and coil hair around, pinning sections in place then you’ll create more uniform waves and still not need any heat.

Beer shampoo

Every girl has tried this trick, or if she’s not tried it she’s heard about it. The idea is that beer gets your hair bouncy, shiny and healthy looking.

Actually, there’s science behind this. The malt and hops in beer are full to the brim with protein. That adds moisture to your hair that’s probably dehydrated. Vitamin B in the beer adds shine.
The only problem is the smell. Go back to hack number 1 and add a dash of natural perfume on your brush and it’ll cover the smell, or add a little of that coconut or Argan oil into the beer shampoo for a more pleasing scent.

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