Five hair habits you need to break

31 Jul

Everyone wants to be healthier. We want to regularly drink 8 glasses a water to keep ourselves hydrated, we aim (we do, honestly) to eat five portions of fruit and vegetables every day. But we fall into bad habits. We all do. And nowhere more than with our hair.

When it comes to hair we often think that because it grows back we’ll always get a second chance. Yet that’s not necessarily the case. Our hair is very much a reflection of what you put in, you get out. Our bad habits can even extend to how we look after our hair extensions. Whether clip ons, weaves, sew ins or wigs, 100% human hair needs to be looked after because if you don’t it ends up the same way as your own hair does if you mistreat it; split ends, dry, brittle and no shine.

What are the bad habits you need to break. Here we list them and tell you exactly why they’re bad for your locks, whether you wear hair extensions or it’s all natural.

1. Straighteners

Heat is bad for your hair. There’s a protective band around each strand of hair, even on 100% human hair extensions, which is what gives it that shine and bounce. The problem with straighteners is that they gradually rub off that coat and expose the delicate strand underneath. You might think you’re making your hair straighter and taking care of it by using a heat protecting spray but actually you could be making it direr, brittle and frizzier. At Dream Girl we always say never use hair straighteners on hair extensions; you’ve made an investment and why would you want to shorten the life of a product you’ve bought. But if you shouldn’t use them on hair extensions, why would you then use them on your natural hair?

2. Too much brushing

There’s an old saying that you should brush your hair 100 times a day until your hear the “squeak”. The reality couldn’t further from the truth. Brushing is actually fairly stressful for hair. All you need to do is de-tangle it. Pulling and brushing strips hair of natural oils making it dry and brittle. You could be reducing your hair’s natural shine by brushing it too much. It’s the same with hair extensions. Ever brushed so much hair becomes static? That means you’ve created too much kinetic energy in your hair and you could make it frizzier.

3. Too much shampoo

We wash our hair too often. The truth is hair doesn’t need to be washed every day with shampoo and conditioner. The grease we have on our hair is a build up of natural oils, but you’re getting yourself into a vicious cycle when you shampoo too often. You’re stripping back oils and then your body needs to restore them. You can stimulate over production as your body is trying to keep up with the shampoo-ing. Instead, wash your hair every few days rather than every day. Use a dry shampoo on your fringe if it needs a quick refresh but after a couple of weeks your hair will reduce the amount of oil it’s producing. If you wear hair extensions always use a suitable shampoo and conditioner designed especially for processed hair as normal shampoo might be too harsh and do permanent damage.

4. Towel-drying

We know; you shouldn’t use a hair dryer and now you shouldn’t towel-dry? How are you meant to dry your hair. It’s all about being gentle. Vigorous towel drying will pull and yank on your hair follicles and cuticles which will in turn damage it from root to tip. You also don’t want to comb or brush hair while it’s too wet. Instead, use your towel to squeeze out the excess water but don’t rub the hair or the scalp. Comb while it’s still damp and then dry. If you use a dryer then make sure it’s on a cool setting. No heat!

5. Not drinking enough water

This is where a healthy lifestyle and healthy hair come together. Drinking plenty of water and eating a diet that’s rich in vitamins and nutrients will result in healthy and shiny hair. If you’re regularly dehydrated or you’re not getting the vitamins you need your hair will be dry, lank and dull.

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