Adding a little colour

7 Aug
Jenny McCarthy Instagram

Jenny McCarthy Instagram

Colour is this season’s best accessory. Don’t believe us? Check our Cara Delevingne, Jenny McCarthy and Geordie Jagger who have all been snapped with bright pink hair in the past weeks.

What’s it about? New trend or summer fancy? Are you going to make the leap yourself?

One thing Dream Girl knows for sure is that it takes a lot of confidence to go for brightly coloured hair. But that shouldn’t stop anyone from doing it. A bright hair colour can be just what you need whatever the season.

Yet it’s also true that you might not want it to be a permanent shift. Permanent colour can damage your hair and while pink hair might be great if you’re a celebrity or model who can get away with it, those of us who have to go to school/work/college might not have the same freedom.

What you want, then is a halfway house. You want to be able to enjoy the freedom and fun of experimenting with hair colour without making a full time commitment.

Dream Girl has hair extensions in over 80 colours and this includes Fancies, our range of shades in brighter hues from pink to turquoise. With ten shades it’s easy to choose a colourful style and it can change as often as your mood.

Choose, first, the style of hair extension you want so a sew in or glued hair extension in perhaps a Remi Weft or Remi Silky.Or you can opt for a clip-on style. This allows you to change your hair in minutes and clip the hair extensions over you natural locks.

Next choose the colour. If you go for Fancies pick the bright shade that you want and then choose the length.

If you do pick a clip on style then remember you don’t have to go for a full head transformation. Instead you could pick a few strands of a streak of colour to nod to the fashion without having to commit too much and maintaining your natural style.

If you want to try the latest fashion for pink hair, or any colour, but don’t want to reach for the hair dye then opt for hair extensions instead. It means you can follow the summer’s latest trend without doing any damage to your locks and you can try it for the night and not feel you’re committing to it.


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