The Hun is the hottest summer trend

21 Aug


Calling all those with long locks who want to try a new summer style.

OK, it might not feel much like summer, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a hairstyle that makes us think of summer evenings, beach living and sunny days.

To be honest, you probably already have this style in your armoury. It’s ideal if you want to tie your hair back from your face, especially if it’s the day before a wash. It’s perfect for when you need to style your hair quickly before you head into the office or college. Now it’s reached the catwalk.

The Hun, or half bun is being sported by stars across their Instagram pages and premieres so we thought at Dream Girl, we’d give you a guide to styling it.

*It’s a real bo-ho style so if your hair is long and wavy this is going to look the best for you.

*If you’ve just washed your locks they might be too silky to style this easily. Use a little oil or serum to control hair to get this right.

*For those with hair extensions, the added lift at the roots and extra length will help you achieve a bigger bun. Clip on extensions are ideal for those who want a little extra hair at the crown.

*You can start by taking hair from either above your ears and pinning to the top of your head above the crown. Or you can start from the temples and the side of your head, leaving around of inch of hair at the sides to cover your ears. Not everyone wants to show their ears off!

*Tie the section of hair just on the top of the crown, right on the top of the head (where we wear wearing messy buns last summer). Twist the section into a bun and secure either with a tie or with grips.

*Pull a few strands to loosen the bun and create a more relaxed style.

*For the lengths of your hair, keep loose and wavy. Just a little serum to keep ends looking shiny and healthy is all you need.

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