How we’re wearing our hair this autumn

28 Aug

This time next week it will be September. That means a new season is soon to start and with it fresh looks, styles and fashions.

For Autumn 2015 if we look at the runways in the fashion world we can see that this season hairstyles are a little more relaxed. Gone are the structured, glossy styles of the past; this season we’re more chilled out, we’re not worrying as much if a strand is out of place.

Here Dream Girl chooses the best hairstyles for those with long locks, if you have hair extensions these will add both length and volume, making these styles look even better!

Low ponytails

erin fethersonimaxtree


Messy ponytails were a popular style at both Michael Kors and Dior. Keep it low, so at the nape of the neck or below, adding fringes and wisps of hair to frame the face. At Dior, long ponytails were worn slicked back with very long and straight hair. If you can’t quite achieve this with your own locks then use a ponytail hair extensions which clips over your natural hair and adds length.

You can dress up or dress down your pony. Add a twist or a clip like those at Caroline Herrera.

Side Partings

There was a brief flirtation with side partings a few seasons ago but with the 70s revival in full swing they’re back. A side partings, as those in the know will tell you, is an easy way to add edge, lift, volume and texture. This season it also looks really cool! Go as deep as you like  and use a comb to ensure your parting is straight.



It doesn’t matter what kind of hair you have, a side parting will work with anything and offer a fresh silhouette for the new season.

Wavy hair

There’s a return of the boho style of the 90s this autumn. The style has also reached our locks so this season opt for bohemian waves. If you have thick hair this is the style you’ve dreamt of; you want plenty of texture and shape but don’t make it too neat. You want it to look like you’ve worn your hair up all day and then let it loose. Use a little spray and serum to counteract dryness. Dream Girl’s Waves and Curls hair extensions will help add length for those who want a little more.


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