A 50s style that’s real glamour

4 Sep

kyliejennerKylie Jenner’s new hairstyle at the VMA’s last weekend screamed 50s style.

The model’s shiny black locks were long, below the shoulder, and curled under at the ends. Hair was full, thick and full of life with a blunt cut fringe. The eyes were kept smoky with a nude lip. It was a powerful new style that was a real 50s bombshell look.

We know Kylie is one of those women who loves to experiment with her style. Since those snaps on the red carpet at the VMA’s she’s already been snapped with a much lighter, blond hairstyle. Usually pictured with her dark wavy locks, the style from last week is easily recreated.

The quickest way to do it is to buy a wig. A weave or hair extensions can offer a new, thicker and longer look in minutes. You can cut in a fringe to recreate the style but if you don’t want to do that then a wig may offer the simplest solution.

Dream Girl’s Chic Collection offers a new look everyday. IN either synthetic or human hair you can choose from a range of lengths, textures and colours. Each wig is fully wefted meaning the locks of hair will sit more smoothly and fit along your scalp, ensuring a more natural finish and movement.

The first thing to do is choose a colour. With over 30 shades Dream Girl will help you find the exact right shade to match your skin tone. With her gorgeous coffee coloured skin tone, Kylie Jenner can take very dark hair (this fringe look seems even blacker then her natural very dark brown locks so she may have gone a shade darker with it). Know what shade suits your colouring. If you have very pale skin then a dark shade without any warmth might make you look washed out. If you have very dark skin a sheer blond without any contrast may look too stark. From Apricot Blond to Dark Chocolate, Dream Girl has a range of colours designed to suit every skin tone.

Next choose the kind of wig you want. With different lengths on offer you can choose the right style you want and will suit you. This style has the ends curled under so go for a wavy style and check the length – waves will take off around an inch and a half so take that into account when you make your choice.

Remember when you fit your wig you can go to a stylist and ask them to refine it for you. They can cut in a fringe or can adjust the layers or length to ensure the wig frame your face. If you do do this remember to talk with your stylist about exactly what you want. Obviously the wig won’t grow back!

The 50s bombshell look is the perfect style if you’ve got a glam do or want to look extra special for a night out. Match it with Kylie’s smoky eye look and you’re ready to go.

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