Prepare your hair for autumn

11 Sep

curly-hair-1A new season always feels like time for a change. Autumn is one of the best months for colour; rich brunettes and reds come to the fore this season. Yet if you want your hair to look its best this Fall then you need to do the groundwork and get it prepared.

Get a trim

Even if you wear hair extensions you shouldn’t forego a regular trim, especially if you have long locks. Everyday wear and tear tires our hair out. It gets stretched, pulled, yanked, goes hot and cold and that’s just when you get ready every morning. All that hassle inevitably takes its toll. Even if you look after your hair you’ll need a regular trim just to take the ends off. You might not have split ends but you’ll find the very ends might be less blunt than they used to be, a little frayed. A trim will get rid of this and keep hair looking thicker, shiner and healthier.

Wear a mask

Summer heat is lovely but it does damage your hair, drying it out. You’ll often find hair needs much more moisture when it comes to autumn as all that sun and swimming has left it feeling dull and brittle. A weekly hair mask, usually oil based, will offer a deep moisture treatment for your hair and help to replace the natural oils you’ve stripped away in the sun. If you wear hair extensions then use a hair mask that’s suitable for treated hair and won’t damage it. You can create homemade hair masks using coconut oil or avocado and banana that offer a natural alternative.

Add thickness and volume

You’ll often find you prefer to wear your hair in up-dos during the summer as it’s hotter and it’s cooler to keep the hair off the back of your neck. However as it gets to autumn and the temperatures start to cool you might find yourself wearing your hair long and loose more often. Yet you might not feel confident with your locks. Those with fine and flyaway hair often wish their hair was thicker or fuller. Using 100% human hair extensions will help to boost your confidence. Either sewn or glued in you can choose a shade that exactly matches your own natural hair colour. This ensures hair will blend in. You can talk to your stylist about what you’re looking for and what style you want to wear once you have hair extensions.

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Know the season

There are two things you need to look out for this season; snuffles and heating. Autumn is often the time we start to get colds as the temperature drops. It’s also when we usually start to put the central heating on to warm us up in the morning. What impact does that have on your hair? Well just in the same way your skin might look dull when you’re feeling under the weather so will your hair. A vitamin C supplement (you can drop them in a glass of water and drink like juice) or an extra piece of fruit of veg will help boost your immune system and keep you looking and feeling healthy. Central heating can dry your hair out, especially if you go from cold to warm surroundings. Drink plenty of water and turn to hair care products that offer a moisture care rather than anything else to replace vital nutrients.

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